How to deal with PPR pipe seepage?

How to deal with PPR pipe seepage? 1、 How to deal with the leakage of PPR plastic water pipe? 1. First, use a small hacksaw to cut off the leaking place – the cutting edge should be flat. 2. Lightly sand the new exposed port, not too much. 3. Clean the port with a clean cloth. 4. Apply a special layer of glue to the port and blow for a while; at this time, apply glue to the “slub” joint. 5. Connect the port to [...]

COVID-19 Real-time PCR Kit

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PPR water pipe installation steps and process

PPR water pipe installation steps and process The advantages of PPR water pipe, such as non-toxic, corrosion-resistant and heat-resistant, long service life, have become the primary choice of home decoration. The installation of PPR water pipe is a more important part of concealed works, which must not be sloppy. What is the installation of PPR water pipe? What are the specific steps? Installation method Concealed PPR pipe PPR pipes embedded in walls, floors, etc. can prevent expansion. Both the pressure and the tensile [...]


The heavier the PPR fitting, the better?

The heavier the PPR fitting, the better? In engineering and home decoration, is the quality of PPR pipe fitting as heavy as possible? We all know that the price of pipe is much cheaper than that of pipe fittings, so how to choose the most cost-effective PPR pipe fittings? Now PPR tube manufacturers will answer for you one by one. PPR pipe fittings mainly include ppr fitting elbows,ppr fitting coupling,ppr fitting cross,ppr fitting clamps, ppr fitting bend over, ppr fitting flange [...]


What meaning does S5 and S4 represent on PPR pipe

1. What meaning does S5 and S4 represent on PPR pipe? PPR pipes are divided into five series of S5, S4, S3.2, S2.5 and S2, and the corresponding pressure classes are different according to the total utilization coefficient C of the pipeline system: When C=1.25, corresponding nominal pressure 1.25,1.6,2.0,2.5,3.2MPa; When C=1.5, it corresponds to the nominal pressure of 1.0,1.25,1.6,2.0 and 2.5MPa respectively. These five series of cold and hot water pipes can be used, but as a result of PPR pipe in the [...]

PE-RT pipe and fitting connection method

PE-RT pipe and fitting connection method PE-RT pipe and fittings commonly used connection method is generally divided into: hot melt butt connection. Advantages of hot melt butt connection: 1. The project cost can be reduced without the use of electric melting pipe fittings. 2. Simple maintenance of machinery and tools Hot melt butt connection, is the use of hot melt butt welding machine, the use of heating after fusion butt fusion, by cooling fixed and connected together. The welding of pe-rt [...]

How to connect PE fittings

How to connect PE fittings PE fitting connection PE pipe fittings connection is PE pipe, pp pipe connection, according to the interface form and heating can be divided into two ways. 1 PE pipe connection form General requirements for installation Electric fusion connection PE fitting connection form The connection of PE pipe fitting and pp pipe fitting can be divided into: 1. Electric welding connection: electric welding socket connection and electric welding saddle connection 2, hot melt connection: hot melt socket connection, hot melt saddle connection, hot melt [...]

The difference between PPR pipe and PE pipe

The difference between PPR pipe and PE pipe PPR pipe and PE pipe can be used as drinking water pipes, here is to compare the advantages of the two kinds of pipe. In drinking water, PE generally do cold water pipe; PPR (special hot water material) can be used as hot water pipe. What want to say above all is PPR tube and PE to give conduit can serve as drinkable conduit, basically compare the superiority of two kinds of [...]

How to connect PE pipe to PPR pipe?

How to connect PE pipe and PPR pipe and melt them directly? What’s more, the specifications and models of the two pipes are the same? The PPR pipe and PE pipe should not be connected by hot melt. The PPR Female Adapter should be directly connected with the PPR Male Adapter. The wall thickness of PE tube is different from that of PP-R tube. The bonding strength of the two materials cannot meet the requirements. PE is connected with pp-r after [...]

Construction inspection of IPS(PPH) pipe and fittings welding

What inspection shall be carried out for the welding of IPS(PPH) pipe and fitting IPS(PPH) pipe and fittings hot melt socket welding construction inspection mainly for the appearance inspection, including the following: 1. Whether the socket and socket are aligned; 2. Whether the extruded molten material between socket and socket is consistent on the whole outer circumference; 3. Peel off the contact surface and observe whether there are impurities, shrinkage holes, cracks or other injuries in the welding area; 4. Observe whether there are [...]