2019 best way How to install PPR pipes and fittings in the household

How to install PPR pipes and fittings in the household?

1. Prepare PPR pipes and fittings before installation

A. Before installing water pipes, prepare some tools, such as splicer, scissors, marker, ruler and clean wool cloth.

B. The melter needs reliable grounding measures.

C. Installation of welded joints and inspection of correct specifications, strong and reliable connections before electrification;

D. The red light indicates that Jiawen is on, and the green light indicates that it can be fused.

E. Check whether the specifications and sizes of pipes and fittings meet the requirements.

F. Underground application is not recommended for general household installation. It is recommended to use wall-embedded or ceiling-embedded undercover application.

ppr tool

2. Clean fusion surface of ppr pipe fittings with water pipes

A. Before welding, it is necessary to clean the fusion surface of ppr pipe materials and the interface surface of ppr pipe fittings without any stains.

B. ppr pipe ports should be removed 2-3 cm in general, and 4-5 cm in case of slight cracks.

cut ppr pipe fitting

3. Deep Drawing of Fusion Joint of Household Water Pipe

Before welding, it is necessary to draw a circumferential line along the longitudinal length of the pipe not less than the minimum socket depth L2 on the surface of the pipe.

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4. Installation of Pipe Welding Heating

A. Push the key ppr pipe into the weld die sleeve and core at a uniform speed, and push the pipe to the mark line, the key advance depth to the end face of the socket and the end face of the die core.

B. The phenomena of not rotating and tilting in the course of propulsion;

C. The heating time is regulated according to the standard. In winter, the heating time is generally prolonged by 500%.

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5. Docking insertion and adjustment

A. The butt insertion speed should be as fast as possible to prevent premature hardening of the surface of household pipes;

B. The angle adjustment of butt insertion may not be greater than 5 degrees, but it must be completed within the prescribed adjustment time.

C. Relative rotational motion between pipes and fittings is not allowed during butt insertion.

ppr pipe and fitting

6. Shaping and cooling of domestic pipes

A. After the allowable adjustment time, the pipe and fittings should remain relatively static, and no further relative movement should be allowed.

B. Cooling should adopt a natural way, forbidding the use of water and other coolers to force cooling.

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7. Pressure Testing of Pipeline Installation

A. After the installation of the pipeline, it is necessary to adjust the prescribed time at room temperature for testing.

B. The exhaust outlet should be installed at the highest point of the pipeline when the pressure test fills water. The pressure test can be carried out only when the gas in the pipeline has been completely discharged.

C. Generally, the acceptance pressure of cold-fitted water pipes is 1.5 times of the working pressure of the system, and the test pressure of HOT-FITTED water pipes is the system worker.

D. Do pressure twice, holding time is not less than 1 hour, pressure drop is not allowed to be more than 6%.

E. Advanced step-by-step pressure test is recommended for engineering installation, and main pipe network pressure test is carried out after each section is qualified.

F. It is not recommended to conduct one-time pressure test after the completion of the project.

G. The pipe plug used for pressure test is special for pressure test. After pressure test, the metal pipe plug that can be used for a long time should be replaced.

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