2019 the best way How to connect PVC pipe fittings with glue

Glue connection method for PVC pipe fittings

1. Choose fine-toothed saw, cutter or special PVC pipe and fitting breaker to cut the PVC pipe according to the corresponding size.

2. Remove the burrs and edges of the fracture with a plate hammer and chamfer them. Before applying the adhesive again, dry the socket with dry cloth to dry the dust, water and oil on the surface.

3. Apply the adhesive evenly on the socket surface with a brush.

4. Find the center of two pvc pipes and fittings, quickly insert the socket into the socket and turn one third of the circle, and keep it still for at least 10 minutes so that the adhesive can be evenly distributed and cured.

5. Wipe the excess adhesives out of the coffin with a cloth, and the water will not pass until the coffin is connected for 2 hours.

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