3 step hot welding of IPS(PPH) pipes and fittings

3 step hot welding of IPS(PPH) pipes and fittings

1. Welding machines and tools

IPS(PPH) pipe and fittings welding for hot welding, using various specifications of hydraulic or manual plastic pipe hot welding machine. Taking the hot-melt welding machine of hydraulic plastic pipe as an example, welding is mainly divided into three parts: welding control platform, welding operation platform and tool placement rack.

2. Prepare for welding

For the pipe cutter (pipe cutter), acetone and clean cloth matching the IPS(PPH) pipe model, the surrounding environment should be kept clean and dust-free, and the ambient temperature should not be lower than 0℃.

3. Hot melt welding

Welding is divided into seven steps: blanking, preheating, mating, heating, welding, cooling and inspection.


Use special cutter to cut IPS(PPH) pipes to required size. When cutting the pipe, be careful not to run the line and slowly screw into the blade. Do not push too fast, which may damage the blade. When the cutter is difficult to rotate, should reverse rotation cutter, remove the blade, run again.

B, preheating

Use IPS(PPH) pipe and fitting hydraulic regulators to adjust the preheating pressure to the welding required pressure. Adjusting method: lock the pressure relief valve, push the hydraulic lever forward, and watch the pressure gauge to show the pressure. When the pressure does not reach the required pressure, loosen the heating pressure relief valve, make the pressure gauge display drop to zero, re-adjust the hydraulic control valve, and then lock the heating pressure relief valve until the pressure gauge reaches the required pressure.

The temperature setting panel on the control platform is used to set the temperature of hot-melt welding and control the temperature of the heating plate to match the melting of the welding surface. Red shows the set temperature, green shows the current temperature, and when the red light on the panel jumps to green, the hot melt welding is ready. The hot melt temperature of PPH is generally set between 195℃ and 205℃.


Select the appropriate mold, with a wrench welding IPS(PPH) pipe and pipe fittings fixed on the operating platform;

Note: during fixing, screw the fastening screws at both ends of the fixture one by one to avoid uneven IPS(PPH) pipe segment; When the two pipe sections in the hydraulic operating lever back to a larger distance shall not be less than the thickness of the electric cutting machine; The welding surface of each IPS(PPH) pipe segment should highlight the fixture when the 40-50mm pipe segment is longer, pay attention to the overall level.

(2) the hydraulic operating lever to promote the larger, the two pipe segment. Visually check the wrong joint of the welding surface, and for the lower half, touch by hand so that both joints are level. If it fails to meet the requirements, the welding seam shall be level by adjusting both ends of the fastening screw so that there is no wrong opening.

(3) visually inspect the joint of the two welding surfaces to reach the joint without obvious gap; If yes, use an electric cutting machine to grind the hole. Put the cutting machine on the operating frame, start the cutting machine, and then another person controls the hydraulic propulsive rod, the pipe section to set the pressure against the cutting machine; Visually cut the weld surface until it is flush. Step back the hydraulic fixture, take out the cutting machine and put it back on the tool rack;

Note: back after the hydraulic fixture, do not hurry to stop the cutting machine, let the cutting machine turn a few times before taking out. Can make the welding surface more smooth, to prevent the occurrence of cross section.

Clean the welding surface, with a clean cloth dipped in a small amount of acetone to clean the welding surface.

D, heating

Remove the heating plate that has reached the required temperature from the IPS(PPH) pipe and fitting tool holder. Put it on the operation rack and push the hydraulic fixture against the side of the welding surface to make the pressure reach the required welding pressure. When the hot melt flanging of the welding surface reaches 1mm, release the heating pressure relief valve and remove the heating pressure. After waiting for a period of time, the requirements of hot melt butt of the welding surface are met.

Note: the heating plate must be placed vertically.

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