3 way pvc fitting

Our 3 way PVC fitting has pipe grade and furniture grade.

3 way pvc fitting elbow


The 3 Way PVC fittings also known as a 90 degree side outlet ell or corner fitting.All three outlets are non-threaded sockets.

3 Way PVC fittings fit three segments of PVC pipe together. PVC pipe slides into each socket for a secure, square corner fit. Fasten in place using PVC solvent cement or with screws between the PVC pipe and fitting for a permanent joint.

Furniture Grade means this fitting has a non-marked, glossy finish.

3 way Pvc fitting(sch40 pvc fitting side outlet elbow)


Sch 40 PVC Side Elbows Furniture Grade


Also known as side outlet elbows, 3 Way PVC furniture fittings are a popular part for non-plumbing applications. Furniture grade PVC parts were created when people started realizing PVC is a great material for building things outside of the plumbing world. Furniture PVC fittings have no printing or bar codes on them as standard grade parts often do. They are usually bright white and are made to look great while still being strong and durable.



Standard: American standard schedule 40

3 Way Elbow PVC Fitting SIZE:3/4 inch pvc 3 way elbow,1 inch pvc 3 way elbow,1-1/4 inch pvc 3 way elbow


3 way pvc connector Product features: injection molding process, integrated molding. The products are available in a variety of colors and can be customized.

Product advantages: The surface is treated with anti-corrosion treatment, anti-aging, strong sealing, good quality and long service life. The products are made of high quality PVC materials,


sturdy and durable, easy to install, flexible in assembly, not easy to damage, and environmentally friendly.


3 way pvc connector Furniture grade products are available for Suitable for water supply engineering, installation of small shelves, shoe racks, tents, connecting waterways, framing shelves, combination frames, flower stands, etc.

3-way-pvc-corner-flower-stands 3 way pvc fitting Dish rack3-way-pvc-fitting

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