4 way PVC fitting

4 way PVC fitting

4 way PVC fittings are often difficult parts to find. Our pipe grade and furniture grade 4 way PVC  fittings are made in the CHINA exclusively for Clean Run and are designed to fit externally over the end of PVC pipe.

These fittings are injection molded from 100% furniture-grade PVC compound. They have a smooth and high-gloss finish, tapered ends, and are completely free of manufacturer markings.

Standard: American standard schedule 40

4 Way PVC Fitting SIZE:3/4 inch 4 way pvc fitting,1 inch 4 way pvc fitting,1-1/4 inch 4 way pvc fitting

4 way Pvc fitting tee furniture grade(sch40 pvc fitting side outlet tee)

pvc 4 way elbow fittings are ideal for making tiered or offset structures using PVC pipes. It will give that extra depth of dimension to your projects.
These furniture grade 4 way PVC fittings are produced with much longer socket depths than plumbing fittings in order to increase the stability and strength of your finished assemblies.

4 way Furniture Grade PVC fittings connect PVC pipe to make tiered structures.4 way Tee PVC fittings have a total of three ports on the same plane, with a fourth on top. One socket allows for a perpendicular connection while the other three sockets connect at the same plane.

Build frame edges of structural PVC applications with the Formufit.Common uses include building leg supports and feet or internal PVC structure support points along an edge.
This 4 Pack of PVC fittings will connect four segments of PVC pipe together at 90 degree angles to make shelves and other layered PVC projects and structures.

They have gentle, beveled edges that allow a smooth transition to the pipe, so the PVC fitting edge wont snag on clothing or other materials.

The capabilities offering in this 4 way furniture grade PVC pipe connector is something you will not find in any plumbing grade fitting option.
These fittings make your PVC project building faster, and easier.

pvc 4 way tee Furniture grade products are available for Suitable for water supply engineering, installation of small shelves, shoe racks, tents, connecting waterways, framing shelves, combination frames, flower stands, etc.


Since they are UV-resistant, these fittings can be used outdoors in direct sunlight without concern for degradation, yellowing, cracking or breakage.
In addition, they provide superior impact-resistance (5 times as strong as plumbing fittings), weatherability, and UV-resistance compared to plumbing PVC fittings.

Unmarked, glossy surface finish and tapered fitting ends provide for clean, professional appearance
Slip-style pipe insertion for easy connections
Works with Sch. 40 plumbing grade or furniture grade PVC pipe
Join by solvent welding or by press-to-fit
Non-toxic and safe, does not contain heavy metals or phthalates


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