Advantages of CPVC fire sprinkler systems-The Best CPVC Fire Sprinkler System

Advantages of CPVC fire sprinkler systems-The Best CPVC Fire Sprinkler System

The CPVC fire sprinkler system has many advantages and it has a wide range of applications in today’s fire sprinkler systems.

Automatic fire sprinkler is a fire extinguishing device. It is a fixed fire protection facility widely used at present. It has the characteristics of low price and high fire extinguishing efficiency. It has been widely used in civil buildings, public places, factory buildings, warehouses and other places.


Pipelines are the key to fire sprinkler systems. Traditional fire pipes use copper pipes. Although it can meet the needs of solving fire problems. However, copper pipes are susceptible to corrosion by water, are prone to scale formation, have complicated installation, are expensive, and have a short service life. If the traditional pcv material is used as a fire sprinkler pipe, although it can solve some problems, it has a fatal defect.

Is there a perfect material for fire sprinkler pipes?
The answer is yes.
In fact, as early as 1970, Americans have developed a perfect material – CPVC material.
This material can be used for a long time at temperatures close to 100 ° C, and it can maintain good acid, alkali and chemical resistance, and it can be self-extinguishing.
Why use CPVC to make fire pipes?
CPVC material performance is perfect:


1 Wide temperature range and high temperature resistance
CPVC resin is made of chlorinated modified polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin, which is a new type of engineering plastic with excellent performance and broad application prospects. The appearance of the product is white or light yellow, tasteless, odorless, non-toxic loose powder After chlorination of PVC resin, the molecular bond irregularity increases, the polarity increases; the solubility of the resin increases, the chemical stability increases; the resistance to chemical media such as acid, alkali, salt, oxidant increases, thermal deformation Increased temperature and The chlorine content is increased from 56.7% to 63-72%, the Vicat softening temperature is increased from 72-82 °C to 100-125 °C, the maximum use temperature can reach 110 °C, and the long- Term use temperature can reach above 95 °C.

High Temperature Resistance of CPVC Fire Fighting Fittings




2, sturdy:
CPVC is stronger than PP-R, PB and PEX, so fewer brackets are needed.
CPVC can withstand large pressures, and at the same pressure, a smaller pipe diameter can be used to achieve a larger water flow rate.
Under the condition of satisfying the service life of 50 years, the pipeline system has a pressure of 1.2 MPa, which meets the maximum working pressure requirements of the automatic sprinkler system;
The pressure value at 50 years is determined based on the 100,000-hour long-term hydrostatic test;
According to the GB / T 5135.19-2010 standard test, the test pressure value is 6.0MPa, which is 5 times the maximum working pressure requirement of the system.
Tensile strength – At 82 ° C, the modulus of XingYin CPVC is better than that of polypropylene at room temperature, perfluorinated alkoxy hydrocarbons and similar crystalline polymers. The tensile strength of PVC-C is significantly better than other materials. For example, the PVC-C tensile strength at 82 ° C is twice that of polypropylene at room temperature.


3, higher stiffness
It does not deform during use and maintains the horizontality and verticality of the pipe during installation and use.
CPVC fire sprinkler pipe and fitting products are strong and stronger than other plastic pipes. They will not be deformed during use, and will not be easily damaged by external hard objects. It can maintain the level and verticality of the pipes during installation and use.
4, easy to install
It can be connected using an adhesive without the need for special tools and power supplies.
The special glue for CPVC fire sprinkler pipe and fitting  uses solvent to dissolve CPVC resin. The outer surface of the pipe and the inner surface of the pipe are softened by the solvent in the bonding. Then, the outer surface of the pipe and the inner surface of the pipe are dissolved into one by using CPVC resin in the glue. After the solvent is volatilized, only the CPVC component remains, so the service life of the glue is the same as that of the CPVC pipe, which is 50 years. This extremely convenient installation also greatly reduces the dangers that can occur during installation.
Currently CPVC fire sprinkler pipe and fitting  are often used in:
Hospitals, schools, kindergartens, nursing homes, government park projects, etc.;
High-rise buildings, including super high-rise residential buildings, office buildings, hotels, long-term rental apartments, corporate headquarters, etc.;
Airport, train station, etc.;Factory building, etc.


CPVC Fire System Installation III CPVC Fire System Installation CPVC Fire System Installation I CPVC Fire System Installation II



5, good flame retardancy
When CPVC is fired, it rarely produces toxic gases (only equivalent to the toxic gases produced when wood is burned)
1, the limiting oxygen index LOI: 60;
2. When the flame is continuously exposed, the surface becomes black to form a carbon layer;
3. The carbon layer reduces the burning rate and effectively prevents heat from being transferred to the inner wall of the pipeline;
4, the fire test flame temperature reached 871 ° C;
5, 7 seconds after the sprinkler action;
6. The pipe is in contact with the flame for 30 minutes, and the temperature around the pipe is 371 ° C to 482 ° C;
7. The sampling blasting pressure after the fire field test is 7.71 MPa;

Good-flame-retardancy  Flame retardancy of CPVC


6, excellent chemical resistance
It is not only more resistant to corrosion than metal pipes, but also more resistant to corrosion than other plastic pipes such as PPR, PVC, etc. CPVC pipes can withstand strong acid and alkali corrosion. Resistant to strong acid corrosion.

7, lower coefficient of thermal expansion
Compared with other plastic pipes, CPVC pipes have a small coefficient of thermal expansion, which is about 1/2 of that of PP-R, PB and PEX pipes.
8, superior hygiene performance
After a number of tests, the CPVC pipe is not easy to breed bacteria, and its bacterial growth rate is 1/60 of the PEX pipe, 1/10 of the copper pipe, and 1/4 of the steel pipe.
CPVC pipe is impervious to oxygen, the inner wall is smooth, and the bacteria film, algae and water impurities are difficult to adhere to. (The friction coefficient of the pipe reacts to the smoothness of the pipe, the larger the value, the smoother it is), which can avoid the proliferation of bacteria in the fire hose due to long-term idleness. The problem of blocking the pipe.
9, excellent hydraulic performance
The inner surface of the CPVC pipe is smooth, no water droplets are hanged, no scale is accumulated, and the flow resistance is small.
The number is 1/13 of the PEX pipe and 1/17 of the PP-R pipe.

From the data, CPVC materials are used to manufacture fire sprinkler pipes!
In order to widely use CPVC materials for production in China. In 2008, Star Silver began to develop CPVC independently. In 2013, Star Silver made a breakthrough, began trial production, and conducted market testing. In 2014, Star Silver successfully developed CPVC resin production technology, and its products reached the international first-class level. In 2015, CPVC’s entire industrial chain application technology made breakthroughs, and the products were recognized and started trial.
Xingyin is committed to the CPVC industry chain and creates competitive advantages in product management. Xingyin cpvc fire sprinkler pipe and fitting works very well. Because we are using the best CPVC raw materials.

In 2017, our company announced an industrialization project with an annual output of 40,000 tons of CPVC. The project will realize full automation control and adopt new recycling technology to achieve energy saving of more than 30%. At present, Xingyin has built a production line With an annual output of 40,000 tons of resin and compounding ingredients and 20,000 tons of CPVC products. The output and quality are all available and Guarantee!

CPVC FIRE SPRINKLER PIPE and fitting Production workshop

Today, our company’s CPVC fire sprinkler pipe and fitting have been exported to the United States, Germany, India, South Korea, Mexico and other countries and regions. Our company has become China’s main CPVC fire sprinkler pipe and fitting  export enterprise.

Welcome everyone to come to consult and study.



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