Application of PVC pipe in fishery breeding

In modern fishery and aquaculture, PVC pipes are widely used in the field of water supply pipelines for fishery and aquaculture by virtue of their own performance advantages. At present, the main fishery breeding projects include marine aquaculture, freshwater aquaculture, ornamental fish breeding, and large-scale supermarket fish tank matching projects.

   1. The advantages of PVC pipes in fishery breeding:

a. PVC pipes PVC products adopt environmentally friendly organic tin formula. There is no heavy metal precipitation in the pipes during the water supply process, which will not cause secondary heavy metal pollution to the water quality. The survival rate of fish fry is higher than that of pipes made of general materials.

     b.PVC pipes are connected by adhesive connection or live rubber ring connection, which is convenient and fast for construction and saves construction costs;

  c.The pipe wall of PVC pipe is smooth, and its resistance to fluid is very small, and its roughness coefficient is only 0.009. Compared with other pipes of the same caliber, it has a large flow rate and does not adhere to scale.

   2. PVC pipes commonly used in fishery and aquaculture pipe specifications:

a. Large-scale farms such as marine aquaculture and freshwater aquaculture generally use Φ20-Φ315 pipes, of which the main pipeline Φ110-Φ200 is more commonly used. According to engineering conditions, pipes with pressure ratings of 0.63MPa or 1.0MPa are generally selected.

  b. Ornamental fish breeding and large supermarket fish tank piping generally use Φ20-Φ63 small-diameter pipes.

Processing modifiers can promote the plasticization of PVC primary particles of PVC pipes, lower the plasticization temperature, and may also weaken the adverse effects of external lubricants. Adding an appropriate amount of ACR processing aids can shorten the plasticization time, improve the plasticization efficiency, and avoid melt Rupture, improve the finish of the product, and make the product have good appearance quality and mechanical properties. ACR is a processing modifier and also has certain impact resistance. If it is added in excess, the shear friction heat will be greater, the material will be excessively plasticized, and the product will appear yellow. , The tensile yield strength decreases.

Lubricants can be divided into internal lubricants and external lubricants according to their functions. Generally speaking, internal lubricants have greater compatibility with PVC pipes and PVC, and they can enter between PVC molecules, thereby reducing the force between PVC molecules. Promote PVC plasticization, external lubrication has poor compatibility with PVC, it reduces the friction between the material and the equipment, and improves the fluidity to push PVC plasticization.

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