Glue connection method for PVC pipe fittings

2019 the best way How to connect PVC pipe fittings with glue

Glue connection method for PVC pipe fittings 1. Choose fine-toothed saw, cutter or special PVC pipe and fitting breaker to cut the PVC pipe according to the corresponding size. 2. Remove the burrs and edges of the fracture with a plate hammer and chamfer them. Before applying the adhesive again, dry the socket with dry cloth to dry the dust, water and oil on the surface. 3. Apply the adhesive evenly on the socket surface with a brush. 4. Find the center of [...]

CPVC High Voltage Power Pipe1

CPVC High Voltage Power Pipe

CPVC High Voltage Power Pipe CPVC buried high voltage power cable protective tube is mainly made of CPVC resin with excellent heat resistance and insulation performance. CPVC products are recognized as green environmental protection products at present, and their excellent physical and chemical properties are paid more and more attention by the industry. The CPVC buried high-voltage power cable protective tube is a rigid straight-wall tube with smooth inner and outer walls, orange-red color, bright and eye-catching color. Compared with [...]

ppr fittings

2019 best way How to install PPR pipes and fittings in the household

How to install PPR pipes and fittings in the household? 1. Prepare PPR pipes and fittings before installation A. Before installing water pipes, prepare some tools, such as splicer, scissors, marker, ruler and clean wool cloth. B. The melter needs reliable grounding measures. C. Installation of welded joints and inspection of correct specifications, strong and reliable connections before electrification; D. The red light indicates that Jiawen is on, and the green light indicates that it can be fused. E. Check whether the specifications and sizes [...]



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