Problems to be paid attention to during PVC pipe construction and maintenance

Problems to be paid attention to during PVC pipe construction and maintenance In recent years, PVC pipe materials are very popular in the decoration industry, and they are widely used. Different materials have different specifications and models, and PVC pipes are no exception. What are the problems that should be paid attention to in PVC pipe construction and maintenance? 1. When using solvent bonding for small diameter pipes, the spigot must be rounded to form a bevel, and the fracture must [...]

Analysis of Causes of Rough Surface of PE Pipe

Analysis of Causes of Rough Surface of PE Pipe    CHINA plastic pipes are developing rapidly, and their quality is constantly improving. Among them, polyethylene PE pipes are widely used in building water supply, building drainage, buried drainage pipes, building heating, gas transmission pipes, electrical and telecommunications protection sleeves, industrial pipes, agricultural pipes, etc. due to their unique advantages. It is mainly used in the fields of urban water supply, urban gas supply, and farmland irrigation. 1. PE pipes first remove [...]

How to maintain PVC pipe fittings?

How to maintain PVC pipe fittings?      The scope of application of PVC pipe fittings is very wide. No matter how the best water pipes, no matter how the best installation technology, without good maintenance, the service life of PVC can be greatly discounted. To extend the perfusion service life, you need to learn its maintenance methods.           1. Prevent the blockage of PVC pipe fittings    It is common for drain pipes to be clogged, but [...]

Application of PVC pipe in fishery breeding

In modern fishery and aquaculture, PVC pipes are widely used in the field of water supply pipelines for fishery and aquaculture by virtue of their own performance advantages. At present, the main fishery breeding projects include marine aquaculture, freshwater aquaculture, ornamental fish breeding, and large-scale supermarket fish tank matching projects.    1. The advantages of PVC pipes in fishery breeding: a. PVC pipes PVC products adopt environmentally friendly organic tin formula. There is no heavy metal precipitation in the pipes during [...]

What is a plastic ball valve

What is a plastic ball valve The plastic ball valve is suitable for the interception of the conveying process with corrosive medium, and the temperature is -14℃~100℃, -40℃~140℃ according to different materials. All parts are assembled by RPP or PVDF injection molded parts, and the plastic ball valve has excellent corrosion resistance. The sealing ring adopts F4. Excellent corrosion resistance and prolong service life. Flexible rotation and easy to use. Plastic ball valve The integral ball valve has few leakage [...]

How does PVC pipe achieve heat preservation effect

How does PVC pipe achieve heat preservation effect PVC pipe is a kind of pipe made of special materials. Because of its thermal insulation effect, it is sometimes used as a hot water pipe. At the same time, because of its thermal insulation performance, it is commonly used by us. Regarding how the PVC pipe achieves the thermal insulation effect, this is also our topic today, so that we can have a certain understanding of how its performance is reflected.   [...]

PVC pipe classification and size model

PVC pipe classification and size model   PVC pipe is a pipe product with strong toughness, good heat resistance, and good ductility. It consists of three parts: the upper layer, the middle layer, and the lower layer. The upper layer of the PVC pipe is a layer of the paint film, which plays the role of waterproof and anti-aging; the middle layer is the polyvinyl chloride layer, which is the main base layer; and the lower layer is the back-coated [...]

Ten advantages of pe water supply pipe

Ten advantages of pe water supply pipe PE water supply pipe is a flexible pipe made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) as raw material, which is extruded and vacuum-formed, and has smooth inner and outer walls. It is mainly used for the construction of urban water pipe networks. As a tap water pipe network construction requirements are very strict, it is checked by various departments, there must be advantages that other pipelines do not have! 1. The pe tube connection is very [...]

Advantages and applications of PVC drainage pipes

The main raw material of the PVC-U pipeline series is PVC resin, with appropriate stabilizers, lubricants, fillers, and toners added. Rapid extrusion or injection molding Compared with traditional pipes, various all-plastic products have the advantages of a lightweight, corrosion resistance, low water resistance, energy-saving, quick installation, and low cost. PVC-U drainage pipe is a series of drainage pipe products with mature technology, which has been widely used at home and abroad. The product has the advantages of long life and [...]

Causes of brittle failure of upvc industrial pipes

Causes of brittle failure of upvc industrial pipes    UPVC industrial pipe has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, impact resistance, non-deformation, smooth inner wall, non-scaling, good heat insulation, non-conductive, convenient bonding, and long service life. So, what are the reasons for brittle failure when using this product? Let’s get to know it together.    1. Reason introduction:   1. Impact of air hammer: UPVC fails to discharge the air in the pipe or improper setting of the exhaust valve. When there is [...]

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