What should be paid attention to when making PVC pipe fittings?

1. Temperature control of PVC pipe fittings PVC pipe fitting temperature control is an important control factor in extrusion operation. The control factors of extrusion molding are barrel temperature, diameter temperature and die temperature. Low temperature, poor plasticization, dull appearance of PVC pipe fittings, poor mechanical properties, poor product quality, high temperature, material decomposition, product discoloration. 2. Screw speed of PVC pipe fittings With the increase of screw speed and extrusion amount, the output can increase, but it is easy to produce [...]

How to solve the yellowing of PVC pipes

The main reason for the yellowing of PVC pipes is that the amount of stabilizer is not enough or the grade is not good, and there should be redness. It is possible that a particularly poor quality stabilizer was used. But in most cases, the problem is caused by unbalanced lubrication, too little lubrication, especially too little external slip, and excessive plasticization causes discoloration and brittleness of the pipe. You can add some titanium dioxide to see if it can cover [...]

Installation of PVC gutter drainage system

1. Installation diagram of PVC gutter falling water system 1-1. Schematic diagram of PVC gutter water system: 1-2. PVC gutter water system node diagram: 5.2inch gutter 7inch gutter 1-3. Roof structure drawing of PVC falling water system: Note 1: The thickness of the cement mortar leveling layer of the eaves is not less than 3cm to ensure the nail-holding strength of the plastic expansion bolt of the skyhook hanger. Note 2: The front end of the roof tile exceeds the inner wall of the gutter (5.2 [...]


What is PVC bushing

PVC bushing is a kind of reducing bushing made of PVC. PVC is also called a PVC reducing bushing. It is generally made of the hexagonal bar after cutting and forging. There are many types of threads used. It is used to connect two sections of internal and external threaded pipe fittings with different diameters, which plays an irreplaceable bushing in the pipe connection. PVC bushing is a kind of accessories, which is widely used in domestic large power station supporting [...]

Types and functions of PVC Compression Coupling

Types and functions of PVC Compression Coupling There are four types of Compression Coupling in PVC drainage pipe fittings: (1) When the story height is less than or equal to 4m, the riser shall be provided with a Compression Coupling for each floor; when the story height is greater than 4m, it shall be determined according to the design expansion. (2) The Compression Coupling of the horizontal trunk pipes shall be determined according to the design expansion and contraction amount. (3) When the [...]

Why do PVC pipe fittings appear whitening?

Why do PVC pipe fittings appear whitening? PVC pipe fittings are very common pipes in home decoration. When decorating our houses, water supply pipes and drain pipes are undoubtedly very important to us. However, PVC pipe fittings will show a certain degree of whitening after being exposed or bent and stretched. what is the problem? The staff of PVC pipe fittings briefly introduces here: 1. Water immersion whitening: When exposed to water or steam for a long time, many types of [...]

cut pvc pipe

how to cut pvc pipe straight

Doing projects with PVC pipe will often require the pipe to be cut. One of the advantages of PVC is that it can be cut easily, with a wide variety of tools, which makes the job relatively simple. You don’t need a complicated setup or fancy tools to cut PVC pipe. A variety of different tools can be used, including hacksaws, pipe cutters, and a miter saw to get the job done right. 1 Cutting pvc pipe with a hacksaw (1) [...]

How to distinguish the quality of PVC pipe and fitting?

  4 steps to distinguish the quality of PVC pipes and fittings        1. Judging from the appearance        a. From the color point of view, standard high-quality PVC-U pipes and fittings are light beige, with good surface gloss and oiliness, which are high-quality products. The inner wall is also very smooth. The PVC pipe fittings are well designed to realize the inner The surface connection is smooth and smooth, and the PVC water supply pipe and [...]


What is a pe water supply pipe?

What is a pe water supply pipe? PE water supply pipe is a pipe made of special polyethylene as raw material and extruded by a plastic extruder at one time. It has good weldability, environmental strain resistance, and rapid stress cracking resistance. It can be used safely for more than 50 years under rated temperature and pressure. Except for a few strong oxidants, it can withstand various chemical media. PE water supply pipe has good toughness, high impact resistance, and [...]

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