Classification of PVC flared pipe

PVC pipe has two kinds of expanding ways,one is pvc bell end pipe,other is pvc ring pipe. it is manufactured under the American standard ASTM D-2241 and the national standard NMX-E-145/1, it is manufactured with Resin (raw material) virgin 12454-B the lengths of these pipes are 6.0 meters. in National pipeline and 20 feet (6.10) mts. In Import pipe, the maximum recommended temperature is 140 ° F (60 ° C), its manufacture is of a RIEBER type or ANGER [...]

pvc pipe

how long does pvc pipe last

how long does pvc pipe last pvc pipe The service life of PVC water pipes is generally more than 15 years. However, there are many factors that lead to different lifespans. The specifics depend on the surrounding conditions of the pipes and whether the environment is severe, such as acid corrosion, high temperature, severe cold, and irresistible external factors, which are all serious threats to the life of PVC water pipes. Factors, all the service life of PVC water pipes is [...]

Causes of defects in PVC pipes and treatment methods

PVC pipes have many advantages, but they also have their own shortcomings. So, what causes these problems? How should we deal with these problems? The PVC pipe manufacturer will give you the answer: Briefly explain the common problems in the production of PVC pipes: 1 . The impact strength and tensile strength are poor, which are caused by improper raw material formula, the poor mixing effect of the composite system, and unreasonable setting of extrusion process parameters, resulting in poor plasticization. 2. [...]

pvc Pipe drilling

How to drill PVC pipe

     Many customers have a question after buying PVC water supply pipes. PVC pipes are made of plastic. Can they     perforate?         1. Wire heating method         This type of method is only for DN or PVC pipes with a smaller outer diameter. The specific method is relatively simple. Confirm the punching position, mark it with a water-based pen or another pen, and then heat the wire until it turns red, and then [...]

Why does PVC pipe appear sink marks

Why does PVC pipe appear sink marks?        The shrinkage marks on the surface of the PVC pipe will directly affect the appearance of the PVC profile, and even affect the cleanness of the corners, so it will leave regrets for the high-quality PVC pipes. So why does the PVC water pipe have sink marks?         Causes of sink marks on PVC pipes       1. Shrinkage marks and vacuum degree.        The same set [...]

How to deal with PVC tee seepage

How to deal with PVC tee seepage PVC pipes are generally used together with PVC pipe fittings. After all, the routing of PVC water pipes will be bent. Usually, one of the more used fittings is the tee, then if you use the PVC pipe tee What should I do if the water leaks, and how was it removed? 1. If there is a water leakage problem in the PVC tee, find a way to cut off the leaking PVC pipe [...]

How to test the pressure of PVC pipe

How to test the pressure of PVC pipe After the PVC water supply pipe is produced, it needs to test the pressure to reach the standard before it can be regarded as a qualified product, so that it can be installed and used on the PVC water supply pipe. The hydraulic strength test pressure of PVC pipe fittings should be 1.5 times the working pressure of the piping system, but not less than 0.60MPa, and before the hydraulic test, safe [...]

What is the difference between PVC water supply pipe and PVC drainage pipe

PVC pipe are generally divided into PVC water supply pipe and PVC drainage pipe. It has strong acid and alkali resistance, flame resistance and aging resistance. It is widely used in various decoration projects and is a popular decoration material. So what is the difference between PVC water supply pipe and PVC drainage pipe? Let me introduce the difference between them.   The difference between PVC water supply pipe and PVC drainage pipe 1. Different uses:        PVC water supply [...]

How to deal with water seepage in PVC pipes

Today, I will mainly talk about the water seepage problem of PVC pipes. Now I will explain from the following two aspects: one is the various reasons that cause the water leakage of the PVC pipe; the other is how to deal with the water leakage of the PVC pipe; A. Reasons for water leakage of PVC pipes PVC pipes are mainly used for non-pressure conditions, mostly for intermittent water flow. Generally, the water leakage will not be too serious. As [...]

What should be paid attention to when making PVC pipe fittings?

1. Temperature control of PVC pipe fittings PVC pipe fitting temperature control is an important control factor in extrusion operation. The control factors of extrusion molding are barrel temperature, diameter temperature and die temperature. Low temperature, poor plasticization, dull appearance of PVC pipe fittings, poor mechanical properties, poor product quality, high temperature, material decomposition, product discoloration. 2. Screw speed of PVC pipe fittings With the increase of screw speed and extrusion amount, the output can increase, but it is easy to produce [...]

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