hdpe pipe

What is hdpe water supply pipe

What is hdpe water supply pipe HDPE water supply pipes have been greatly developed and improved in terms of design theory and construction technology in construction, occupying a very important position in the field of building water supply pipe engineering, and have begun to gradually replace the more used PVC- U water supply pipe, PP-R pipe, aluminum-plastic composite pipe, steel-plastic composite pipe, etc. The rapid development of hdpe water supply pipes is mainly due to the use of advanced production [...]

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pe cable (optical cable) protection pipe

Pe cable (optical cable) protection pipe PE cable (optical cable) protection pipe is a new type of casing material popularized and used in power engineering. With the rapid development of power cable buried laying projects, higher requirements are put forward for cable (optical cable) protection pipes. The cable (optical cable) protection pipes are made of polyethylene PE and high-quality steel pipes that have undergone sandblasting, shot blasting, plastic dipping Manufactured by coating, heating, and curing process. It is the most [...]

How to treat PVC pipe fittings against static electricity

How to treat PVC pipe fittings against static electricity PVC pipe fittings are parts that connect pvc pipes into pipelines and are made of PVC materials. However, before use, due to material reasons, they need to be antistatic treatment. The manufacturer’s technicians will introduce the antistatic treatment method of PVC pipe fittings.  Because the surface resistance of the PVC pipe fittings is large, the surface and the conducted charges do not flow, and it is easy to cause sparks when discharging. [...]

hdpe pipe

How to produce PE water supply pipe

How to produce PE water supply pipe hdpe water supply pipe  The main production process of PE water supply pipe production starts with the thickness of the raw material, the color masterbatch is stirred and dried, and the raw material is plasticized and formed into a viscous fluid. After passing through multiple processes at an appropriate temperature, the tubular embryo is obtained and then cooled, After cutting, the required product PE pipe is obtained, and the qualified products after the final [...]

How to connect cast iron drain pipe and pvc pipe

PVC pipes and cast iron pipes can be seen everywhere in our daily life, whether it is home improvement or industrial drainage, they may be used, so if you encounter a situation, it is necessary to connect cast iron drainage pipes and pvc pipes, then yes How is it connected? How to connect cast iron drain pipe and pvc pipe      1. Seal the interface with a plugging spirit.      2. Use a PVC head to reduce the diameter, insert [...]

The operation points of PVC water supply pipe production

Our xing yin plastic manufacturing plant has a good reputation all over the world in terms of the quality of the PVC water supply pipes produced by our xing yin plastic manufacturing plant. Because we treat it with a rigorous attitude and careful operation during production, let me introduce you to pay attention to the production and operation of water pipes.  Operating instructions for the production of PVC water supply pipes  In order to ensure that the quality of the PVC [...]

PVC pipe storage

How to construct PVC pipes in summer

PVC pipe is a kind of pipe that is very commonly used in construction now. Due to the weather, the current climate is warming, especially during summer construction. There are more high temperatures and rainy weather. If the construction is improperly operated, it is easy to cause deformation of the pipe. The pipe will be broken during the pressure test. The following editor summarizes a few precautions for pipeline construction in summer. Precautions for summer construction of PVC pipes 1. During [...]

PVC drainage pipe


TYPES OF PLASTIC PIPES, DIFFERENCES, AND THEIR USES Not sure what type of pipe to install? In this article we analyze the different types of plastic pipes, we explain their differences and uses to know in what type of installations to use them. PVC drainage pipe ADVANTAGES OF PLASTIC PIPES The introduction of plastic in the construction sector was a revolution never seen before. It made it possible to change elements that weighed a lot for simpler and lighter versions, which allowed them [...]

pvc wire bend pipe

How to make PVC bend pipe

PVC bend pipes are engraved into small PVC bend pipes and large PVC bend pipes. Small PVC elbows are mostly used to protect wires and cables, so another name for PVC bend pipe is PVC wire bend pipe.   pvc wire bend pipe How to make a small PVC bend pipe? We must first prepare the PVC pipes divided into sections (how to produce PVC pipes), and then put them on the PVC pipe bending machine, our machine is automatic, it is very convenient [...]


pvc pipe joint type

There are many types of PVC pipe joints. They connect every part of the piping system together so that the piping helps to transport water from the water supply system to the sink. Without pipe connectors, the entire city’s pipe system would be unusable. What is a PVC connector? pvc pipe joint Pvc joint is to connect PVC piping system together to change the direction of water flow. It is mainly divided into two aspects,Plumbing connectors PVC joint, and Furniture grade connectors PVC joint. Plumbing [...]

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