cut pvc pipe

how to cut pvc pipe straight

Doing projects with PVC pipe will often require the pipe to be cut. One of the advantages of PVC is that it can be cut easily, with a wide variety of tools, which makes the job relatively simple. You don’t need a complicated setup or fancy tools to cut PVC pipe. A variety of different tools can be used, including hacksaws, pipe cutters, and a miter saw to get the job done right. 1 Cutting pvc pipe with a hacksaw (1) [...]

How to distinguish the quality of PVC pipe and fitting?

  4 steps to distinguish the quality of PVC pipes and fittings        1. Judging from the appearance        a. From the color point of view, standard high-quality PVC-U pipes and fittings are light beige, with good surface gloss and oiliness, which are high-quality products. The inner wall is also very smooth. The PVC pipe fittings are well designed to realize the inner The surface connection is smooth and smooth, and the PVC water supply pipe and [...]


What is a pe water supply pipe?

What is a pe water supply pipe? PE water supply pipe is a pipe made of special polyethylene as raw material and extruded by a plastic extruder at one time. It has good weldability, environmental strain resistance, and rapid stress cracking resistance. It can be used safely for more than 50 years under rated temperature and pressure. Except for a few strong oxidants, it can withstand various chemical media. PE water supply pipe has good toughness, high impact resistance, and [...]

Pvc pipe size chart

Pvc pipe and fitting size chart description

Pvc pipe and fitting size chart includes the national standards, sizes, Imperial and Metric, symbols, etc  The meaning of De, DN, D, Φ The diameter of PVC pipe and fitting can be divided into outer diameter (De), inner diameter (D), and nominal diameter (DN). 1. DN refers to the nominal diameter of the pipe, which is the average of the outer diameter and the inner diameter. The value of DN=the value of De-0.5*tube wall thickness. Note: This is neither the outer diameter [...]

How much pressure can the PPR water pipe and fitting withstand

How much pressure can the PPR pipe and fitting bear? What is the maximum pressure of PPR water pipes? Similar problems are the concerns of many customers. Today, I am sharing an article about PPR pipe pressure. First of all, the design and use requirements of the selected PPR pipes and fittings are mainly the design service life, the design use temperature, and pressure. Why it is necessary to understand the above information first? This is because the three design [...]

How to repair a PVC ball valve

How to repair a PVC ball valve   A PVC ball valve is a type of valve that has a spherical disc that controls the flow of water or air through it. A ball valve is a crucial component of the plumbing system as it provides shutoff during seepage times. However, this does not mean that the PVC ball valve is already immune to wear. In fact, there are times when the ball valve becomes loose before the leak gets worse. [...]

pvc pipe

How to produce PVC pipe

1、 Process flow PVC resin is used for the forming of PVC pipe, and stabilizer, lubricant, filler, etc. are added. These raw materials are kneaded according to the formula after proper treatment. If single screw extruder is used for extruding pipe, the kneaded powder shall be made into particles and then extruded for forming; if twin screw extruder is used, powder can be directly used for forming. In addition, powder can be used to extrude pipe directly without granulation in production, [...]

how pvc fittings schedule 40

The best pvc fitting manufacturer in china

Xing yin company is the best pvc fitting manufacturer.We produce and wholesale plastic pipe fittings Pvc fitting include:SCHEDULE 40,SCHEDULE 80,PVC THREAD FITTING BS STANDARD,SCHEDULE 40 PVC DWV FITTING ASTM D2665,GB PVC DWV FITTING,GB PVC FITTING WATER SUPPLY,PVC Pressure Pipes And Fittings PN10 (DIN),PVC GASKETED FITTING,PVC TIS FITTING,PVC PRESSURE FITTING NBR5648,PVC GUTTER,PVC ELECTRICAL FITTING, PVC ELECTRICAL CONDUIT,3 WAY PVC FITTING etc.   Cpvc fitting include:CPVC FITTING SCH40 (ASTM D2846),CPVC FITTING SCHDULE80,CPVC FIRE SPRINKLER FITTING   pvc fitting and cpvc fitting list: pvc fitting elbow,pvc fitting [...]

ppr fitting

The best ppr pipe and fitting manufacturer in china

Xing yin company is the best ppr pipe and fitting manufacturer in china. The company now has PVC pipe and pipe fitting production workshop, PPR pipe and pipe fitting production workshop. PPR pipe fittings of the company include:ppr fitting tee,ppr fitting elbow,ppr fitting coupling,ppr fitting clip,ppr fitting cross,Ppr fitting double female threaded brass elbow and so on. The PPR pipe fittings produced by our company have stable performance, heat insulation, corrosion resistance, smooth inner wall without scaling, safe and reliable pipeline system without [...]


how to remove pvc fitting

how to remove pvc fitting PVC is plastic materials commonly used in plumbing. The pipe is strong and does not wear or leave an aftertaste like other traditional metal pipes. PVC pipes are connected at joints or fittings. These fittings may have many joints on one fitting. There are two ways to connect PVC pipe fittings, one is to connect with glue, the other is to connect with thread. The PVC pipe is glued into the joint to create a permanent hold. [...]

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