Characteristics of CPVC fire sprinkler system

Characteristics of CPVC fire sprinkler system

The pipes and fittings of CPVC fire sprinkler system are certified to be suitable for light hazard independent and multi-purpose sprinkler systems in concealed and exposed environments, which meet the requirements of all major building codes and are used as alternative materials for the design of modern sprinkler systems.

It has been found in high-rise buildings, hotels, medical facilities and university dormitories in more than 40 countries that CPVC fire sprinkler system has been proved to be an efficient alternative to slightly dangerous steel pipe, wet sprinkler system. CPVC fire sprinkler system was first used in water distribution system in 1959, and it was introduced into the fire sprinkler market in 1980s. Because of its unique function and advantage combination, CPVC fire sprinkler system is growing steadily.

In commercial facilities, the specification and installation shall be in accordance with NFPA 13: installation standard of sprinkler system. The pipeline also meets the requirements of several other National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) single family and multi family residential installation codes. In fact, according to NFPA regulations, the pipes and fittings of CPVC fire sprinkler system are the only non-metallic system allowed to be used in independent fire sprinkler system, or the non-metallic system installed in the exposed environment, thanks to the excellent performance of the material.

In order to understand why CPVC fire sprinkler system has gained more and more market share in sprinkler industry, it is important to understand the characteristics and advantages of this alternative pipeline material.

Durability and long service life

The pipes and fittings of CPVC fire sprinkler system have natural anti-oxidation, corrosion and microbial corrosion (MIC) immunity for a long time, low maintenance service life, which is usually longer than the traditional metal system. The CPVC system has a 50 year life expectancy and can operate continuously at 175 psi at 150 degrees Fahrenheit. The life expectancy of steel depends on corrosion and other environmental factors.

Superior flow a calculation called Hazen Williams C factor is used to describe the amount of friction loss – the pressure loss caused by the flow resistance. Influence of pipe size and fluid velocity on fricti loss

。 The C factor of CPVC pipe is 150; the C factor of steel pipe is 120 at the new time, which decreases with its aging, which is due to the accumulation of scale. The higher C factor value is due to the smoother pipe and better friction resistance, thus improving the fluidity. The higher value of CPVC can reduce the pipe diameter and improve the cost efficiency.

Superior flame and smoke characteristics it involves flame and smoke, CPVC pipes and fittings compared with other non-metallic pipe options: they are not flammable and will not cause flashover.

The flash ignition temperature of the CPVC ductwork is 900 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on the manufacturer. This is the lowest temperature at which enough combustible gas is produced to ignite through a small external flame. Many other common combustibles, such as wood, are ignited at 500 degrees Fahrenheit or lower. Therefore, CPVC fire sprinkler system can not be the ignition source of fire.

In addition, CPVC piping system will not burn continuously. This material must be forced to burn because it has a very high LOI. LOI is the percentage of oxygen required to support combustion in the atmosphere. The oxygen content of the earth’s atmosphere is only 21%, and the LOI of CPVC is 60. This means that CPVC pipes and fittings will not burn unless the flame is often applied. When ignition sources are removed, they will immediately stop burning. Any smoke produced by CPVC is Co

CPVC fire sprinkler system is even approved for pressure ventilation space due to its excellent fire protection and low smoke generation quality, which conforms to the standard building materials.

NFPA 90a: air conditioning and ventilation system installation standard.

The CPVC piping system is easier to handle and install than the metal system. The pipeline is light; the field production is fast, simple and clean; and there is no need for welding gun or heavy equipment.

Because the system adopts one-step low VOC solvent cement connection process, the installation is also very fast. In addition, during the renovation of existing buildings, the CPVC piping system provides the following additional installation advantages:

Reduce downtime.


Reduce interference to building occupants.

Flexibility to install the system on walls or ceilings, even in small spaces (due to lightweight design, less rigidity).

Higher cost efficiency

Unlike metal systems, CPVC pipes and fittings have not experienced a surge in price in the past few years. Compared with metal pipe, CPVC system has more controllable and stable material cost. Moreover, due to the faster installation speed, CPVC system can save up to 50% of labor cost compared with metal system.

Other precautions

It is important to note that not all CPVC fire sprinkler pipes and fittings are the same. Because the compounds used to make CPVC pipes and fittings come from different base resins, the performance between products is not necessarily.

Some CPVC resins and compounds have been developed specifically to optimize individual performance. Application. They can also be designed to meet or exceed existing code and approval requirements. Always check with each manufacturer to determine performance history, list and approval, and product compatibility.

In general, CPVC has proven through laboratory testing and actual installation that it provides long-term – term durability and performance, as well as higher cost efficiency specified in the fire sprinkler system, rather than traditional metal piping components. This provides a cost-effective, safe and reliable sprinkler system for end users.

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