Classification of PVC flared pipe

PVC pipe has two kinds of expanding ways,one is pvc bell end pipe,other is pvc ring pipe. it is manufactured under the American standard ASTM D-2241 and the national standard NMX-E-145/1, it is manufactured with Resin (raw material) virgin 12454-B the lengths of these pipes are 6.0 meters. in National pipeline and 20 feet (6.10) mts. In Import pipe, the maximum recommended temperature is 140 ° F (60 ° C), its manufacture is of a RIEBER type or ANGER type bell at one end and the other is a spike termination, the color is in White in The National pipe and the Blue color in the Import pipe, is listed by the NSF-PW Standard 61 Standard 14, it can be connected with any pipe system connection, the most recommended would be the Manufactured PVC bell end pipe and PVC ring pipe connection.

The operating temperature should not exceed 60 ℃ and in temperatures over 23 ° C, a correction factor must be applied for the working pressure.

schedule 40 PVC bell end pipe,schedule 80 pvc bell end pipe,GB pvc bell end pipe,we have three standards.

pvc bell end pipe

pvc bell end pipe

pvc ring pipe

pvc ring pipe


Smell and Taste PVC bell end pipe and pvc ring pipe is listed by NSF and is permitted for drinking water fluid conduction facilities as it does not contaminate or impart odor or taste.
Coefficient of Friction The interior surface of the PVC bell end pipe and pvc ring pipe is smooth, which reduces friction losses by 10% compared to other pipes.
Durability for applications where Chemical Resistance is required, PVC pipes are the best option, that is why the useful life is the one with the greatest durability.
Economy the use of PVC represents a significant saving in the final cost of the installation.
Chemical Resistance PVC bell end pipe and pvc ring pipe do not allow corrosion and incrustation of the elements they lead.
Low Weight PVC is light and facilitates storage, transport, and installation maneuvers.
Easy installation due to its lightness in weight, ease of cutting, and speed of installation, no specialized tools are required.


1.PVC bell end pipe and pvc ring pipe is low in wasted energy, it’s 70 KJ/m3, steel is more than 4.5 times than PVC. It’s fit the philosoply that advocating green earth and energy conservation.

2.Inside of PVC Pipe is smooth, can’t get tuberculation, water rate is 0.009 faster than rough factor, but lower than other material pipe. It can save about 20% electricity by using transfusion.

3.PVC bell end pipe and pvc ring pipe has good function of mechanics and stands corrosive nature, light and easy to install, don’t need to maintain. The usage life for at least 50 years, it’s about 2.5 time than metal pipe.

4.PVC Pipe can save 16-37% in installation and service fee than iron pipe. As conduit can save 30-33% than metal conduit. Using in hot and cold water, can save 23-44% that use the same size of brass pipe.

5.Water dissolve teat approves that PVC Pipe can not affect the water quality, it’s the best choice for the water.


Some of the applications where it is recommended to use this material are:

Municipal Drinking Water Systems Installations
Irrigation systems in golf courses
Agricultural Irrigation Systems (Irrigation)
Development of subdivisions


PVC inside (mm) SIZE Diameter CNS standard JIS standard DIN standard ANSI BS
(inch) Outside diameter (mm) Wall thickness (mm) Outsidewall diameter (mm) Wall thickness (mm) Outsidewall diameter (mm) Wall thickness (mm) Outside diameter (mm) Outside diameter (mm)
10 3/8 “ 18±0.2 2.2±0.6 18±0.2 2.5±0.2 16±0.2 17.14 17.14
15 1/2 “ 22±0.2 2.7±0.6 22±0.2 3.0±0.3 20±0.2 3.0±0.3 21.34 21.34
20 3/4 “ 26±0.2 2.7±0.6 26±0.2 3.0±0.3 25±0.2 3.0±0.3 26.67 26.67
25 1 “ 34±0.2 3.2±0.6 32±0.2 3.5±0.3 32±0.2 3.5±0.4 33.4 33.4
32 1+1/4 “ 42±0.3 3.2±0.6 38±0.3 3.5±0.3 40±0.2 3.5±0.4 42.16 42.16
40 1+1/2 “ 48±0.4 3.6±0.8 48±0.4 4.0±0.4 50±0.2 4.0±0.4 48.26 48.26
50 2 “ 60±0.5 4.1±0.8 60±0.5 4.5±0.4 63±0.3 4.5±0.4 60.32 60.32
65 2+1/2 “ 76±0.5 4.1±0.8 76±0.5 4.5±0.4 75±0.3 4.5±0.4 73.02 73.02
80 3 “ 89±0.5 5.1±0.8 89±0.5 5.9±0.4 90±0.3 5.9±0.4 88.9 88.9
100 4 “ 114±0.6 6.6±1.0 114±0.6 7.1±0.5 110±0.3 7.1±0.5 114.3 114.3Specification




Model II – PVC Pipe
Material PVC
Size 1/2″~4″
Length 5.8m
Color White for PVC
Standard SCH40, ASTM D1785
Machines Injection machines
Technics Injection
Property Pipe
Working Place PVC 0°-45°
Warranty At least 50 years
Delivery time 30-45 days after deposite, according to customers requirement


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