How to construct PVC pipe fittings in high temperature weather

How to construct PVC pipe fittings in high temperature weather?

Today, PVC pipe fitting manufacturer and supplier tell you the construction essentials of PVC pipes and pipe fittings in high temperature weather, mainly including the following points.

1. There is a lot of rain in summer. When the construction is completed, it should be backfilled in time to prevent the collapse of the pipe trench from affecting the normal construction and damaging the PVC pipes and fittings, causing unnecessary trouble. In addition, it should be tamped during the backfilling process to prevent the occurrence of cavities in the PVC pipe trench, so that the PVC pipes and pipe fittings are not evenly stressed during the pressure bearing process, which will affect the compressive capacity of the pipes.


2. Before the pressure test of PVC pipeline, the vent valve should be installed at the beginning, end and the highest point of PVC pipeline. The length of pressure test should be 500m. During the pressure test, the pressure should be increased slowly and continuously. When the required hydrostatic pressure is reached, the static pressure should be maintained for 1 hour, and the water test pressure should be 1.5 times of the working pressure.

3. PVC pipes and fittings are more likely to deform due to the hot weather, so when storing PVC pipes in summer, the height of pipes shall not exceed 1.5m, and the sockets shall be staggered.

4. PVC pipes and fittings are prone to aging due to long-term ultraviolet radiation. If the construction is not carried out in a short period of time, the pipe body shall be covered with a shading net in time.

5. During construction in summer, special attention shall be paid to the amount of adhesive. When the temperature is high, the adhesive will volatilize quickly. After coating, it shall be plugged in immediately. After plugging in, it shall be kept for 30 seconds before moving. In the process of connecting PVC pipes and fittings, an expansion joint or looper must be added every 50 meters. After using the adhesive, the bottle cap shall be closed in time to prevent high temperature from causing glue The mixture volatilizes and affects the bonding effect when it is used again.

6. During the construction of looper PVC pipes in summer, due to the characteristics of heat expansion and cold shrinkage, there must be some reserved space (about 10 mm below Ф 63mm, about 15 mm between Ф 75mm – Ф 110mm, about 20 mm between Ф 140mm – Ф 160mm, and about 25 mm above Ф 200mm) during the connection of looper pipes.

7. In summer, small animals are the majority. When PVC pipeline is installed, special attention should be paid to the coverage of the pipe orifice to prevent small animals from entering the pipeline and affecting the pressure test of the pipeline and normal water supply in the future.

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