How to deal with PPR pipe seepage?

How to deal with PPR pipe seepage?

1、 How to deal with the leakage of PPR plastic water pipe?

1. First, use a small hacksaw to cut off the leaking place – the cutting edge should be flat.

2. Lightly sand the new exposed port, not too much.

3. Clean the port with a clean cloth.

4. Apply a special layer of glue to the port and blow for a while; at this time, apply glue to the “slub” joint.

5. Connect the port to the slub and flip it over and over until it is secure. Connect to the other end the same way.

6. After everything is normal, apply proper amount of glue to the joint to ensure no leakage.


2、 How to deal with the leakage of PPR pipe joint?

When a pipe joint leaks water and goes home, what’s the best way to replace it with a new one? The pipe joint itself is broken and only one new one can be replaced. The water leakage at the wire mouth can be removed. If there is no pad, rubber pad needs to be installed, and the aging of rubber pad is new. The thick white paint on the wire mouth is wrapped with hemp wire and then installed. The raw material is the same as that of winding. If it is difficult to connect with glue or melt water, it is difficult to solve.


3、 What about the leakage of water pipe in the wall?

Pipe wall leakage, can cut the wall, can really find the leakage, completely repair. In addition, you can also find a property or a decoration company to see the situation.

1. Use glue. This method is generally only applicable to low-pressure pipelines, and the operating pressure cannot exceed 4 kg. This method is not suitable for PPR products, because PPR materials determine that the glue is generally difficult to dissolve.

2. Continue to weld. If you choose a tube with a thick wall, you can use a hot melt device to weld it directly to the outside and plug the gap. The pressure of this method should not be too high.

3. You can use a torch and spray the solder directly into the weld. This method can be used by PPR repair rod.

4. In fact, the most thorough method is to cut off and re install. This method is not difficult. As long as you do not hide the pipe into the wall, it should be implemented. Moreover, it is the most thorough, because the advantage of PP-R pipe is that the welding strength is higher than that of the local, so as to ensure the overall tightness of the pipe.

5. If God will give you a chance, you must follow the standard construction, choose a good brand and a good welder.


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