How to deal with the burst of PVC pipe fittings

How to deal with the burst of PVC pipe fittings

PVC pipes can be seen everywhere in life, mainly because they are relatively light and easy to install and repair. Even if the household pipe is broken, you can repair it yourself. So what should I do if the PVC pipe fittings burst?

Treatment method after bursting of PVC pipe fittings:

1. The number of leaks after the water pipe bursts is generally directly related to the water pressure in the pipe. Regardless of whether the water is dripping or gushing out, what you should do at this time is to immediately close the valve of the water supply pipe and report to the local property department for repair.

2. Bundle the damaged part of the water pipe with the special tape for repairing the water pipe.

3. In addition, it is also possible to repair cracks in water pipes with glass fiber tape or ring air resin adhesive.

4. If the water pipe burst is serious, you can wrap the broken part of the water pipe with a towel, which can prevent the water from radiating everywhere, and can also introduce the water into the placed bucket, so that the PVC pipe manufacturer will avoid huge waste. At the same time, the valve of the main water pipe in the household can be closed, and the tap water supply in the house can be completely intercepted.

5. If the cause of the pipe burst is that the pipe is too old, you should find a plumber to stop the inspection and repair it in time.

PVC drainage pipe

PVC drainage pipe

Causes of PVC pipe burst

1. The purchased PVC pipes are inferior quality pipes and contain recycled materials. This kind of pipe is prone to bursting after being used for a period of time.

2. The PVC pipe cannot meet the design pressure requirement. When the water supply pressure is too high, the pipe burst, the drum breaks, and the bag pick up.

3. The PVC pipe is too long and the expansion joint is not used, resulting in excessive thermal expansion, pipe bursting, drum braking, and bag lifting.

When purchasing PVC pipes, you must purchase qualified products according to the purpose of use, and install them in strict accordance with the procedures during installation, so that there will be no pipe bursts, drums, and packages.


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