How to deal with water seepage in PVC pipes

Today, I will mainly talk about the water seepage problem of PVC pipes. Now I will explain from the following two aspects: one is the various reasons that cause the water leakage of the PVC pipe; the other is how to deal with the water leakage of the PVC pipe;

A. Reasons for water leakage of PVC pipes

PVC pipes are mainly used for non-pressure conditions, mostly for intermittent water flow. Generally, the water leakage will not be too serious. As long as it is not buried and concealed, most of them are better to deal with; in the analysis of the reasons, it is actually at the same time Also talked about the precautions about it;

1. PVC glue problem

The main function of PVC glue is to weld PVC pipes. If there is a problem with this, there will undoubtedly be a water leakage problem; the main manifestation is that the glue expires and fails; under normal circumstances, it is almost a transparent viscous colloid, which may be out of shelf life. If it turns yellow, it is more likely to deteriorate and turn yellow after opening. In these two cases, it is best not to use glue;

2. Irregular construction of PVC glue

The standard method is: the bonding object is of the same material, the overlapping surface of the bonding object must be cleaned in place, there must be no oil, mud, watermarks, etc., keep dry and clean; the overlapping surface of the bonding object must be evenly applied to the PVC glue, After that, let it stand for about one minute (adjust the rest time appropriately according to the temperature), and then the two are connected tightly. During continuous operation, try not to apply force to the welded part. Temporarily solidify for about five minutes. The final setting is normally 24. After hours (adhesive solidification has a greater relationship with temperature);

3. Damage caused by an external force

including artificially caused by external force and irregular pipeline construction; the former, such as external impact, impact, etc., and the latter, such as the PVC pipe is not fixed in place, and the joint is damaged by long-term force;

4. The acceptance inspection is not done well

when it is done, the water inspection test is carried out. In this link, the construction staff will generally dismiss it, thinking that the construction is simple and unwilling to take the time to do it; water inspection is also a self-inspection process if there are problems, Generally, it can be checked; such as whether the inspection port is tightened, whether the glue is leaked, whether the material is damaged, etc.


B.How to deal with the leakage of the PVC pipe

the above is the cause of the leakage, and the following is how to deal with the problems caused by various reasons; the treatment surface must be kept clean and no water marks during the treatment;

1. Glue injection method

For small trachoma, gaps and cracks; generally use PVC pipe powder with PVC glue; use a saw blade to saw the PVC pipe to get fine powder, stir with PVC glue, and then inject the problematic point. If the problem is larger, it can be used with a hair dryer to speed up the solidification speed

2. Patching method

suitable for long and larger problem points; cut a section of PVC pipe of the same pipe diameter, which is slightly longer than the problem point, and split into two halves, the inner wall and the outer pipe wall of the problem point (Equal area) Apply PVC glue, let it stand, close it, and then tie it up

How to deal with the leakage of the PVC pipe

3. Cut-off method

for the problem point, cut off the two ends directly, and connect the pipes at both ends with the corresponding direct fittings; this is generally handled by a professional master, which is a certain degree of difficulty;

4. Other miscellaneous methods

such as transparent tape processing, waterproof tape processing, glass glue processing, plugging king processing, and even universal glue processing, etc.; some of these have some effects

Here is a direct way to deal with various problems. If the hidden dangers are still there, they must be dealt with in time, otherwise similar problems may occur again; for example, if the elevator is not installed in place, it leads to the connection. Due to long-term stress, then this elevator problem must be solved together


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