How to distinguish PVC drain pipe quality?

How to distinguish PVC drain pipe quality?

Distinguish PVC drainage pipe quality is good or bad a total of three points:

1. choose and buy PVC drain pipe, the color is even, the inside and outside wall is smooth have toughness to feel had better, the PVC drain pipe color that almost is either snow-white, or some yellow, texture is harder, color is uneven, some outside wall is smooth, the inner wall is coarse, have needle or small hole.

2.PVC drainage pipe toughness is a key indicator in the purchase. How to determine, when we saw it into narrow strips, try to fold 180, a fold broken, indicating that the toughness is very poor, brittleness indicates that the quality of PVC pipe; It is difficult to break, indicating toughness, and the more effort required to break the tube, high strength, toughness is good quality PVC pipe.

3. According to the judgment of the broken stubble of PVC drainage pipe, the stubble is delicate, indicating that the better the homogenization, strength and toughness of the pipe, the better the quality of the pipe; If the port is rough and has a sandy texture, the quality of the pipe is average. Average quality; Break very hard, show to have tenacity, and the tube material that needs to break more when fold, strength is tall, toughness is big drain conduit of good quality.


1. Tap water piping engineering (including indoor and outdoor municipal water pipe of water supply), because UPVC plastic pipe with acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, rust, scale, water quality protection, prevent water quality of secondary pollution, the advantages of the strongly advocated in the production of environmentally friendly products today, as a kind of ideal “green building materials” to protect human health, has been widely applied by China and the world.

2. Water-saving irrigation piping project. Compared with ordinary irrigation, the UPVC drip irrigation system can save 50%-70% water, save the use of fertilizers and pesticides, and increase the crop yield by 30%-80%. Nowadays, China is short of water resources and backward in agricultural irrigation methods, which has great social benefits for promoting the development of water-saving agricultural production in China.

3. Construction piping works.

4.UPVC plastic pipe has excellent insulating ability and is widely used as cable conduit for posts and telecommunications.

5.UPVC plastic pipe is resistant to acid, alkali and corrosion. Many chemical plants are used for infusion piping. Other also used in sinking engineering, medicine piping engineering, mineral brine transport piping engineering, electrical piping engineering.

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