How to drill PVC pipe

     Many customers have a question after buying PVC water supply pipes. PVC pipes are made of plastic. Can they     perforate?

        1. Wire heating method

        This type of method is only for DN or PVC pipes with a smaller outer diameter. The specific method is relatively simple. Confirm the punching position, mark it with a water-based pen or another pen, and then heat the wire until it turns red, and then start drilling Hole, operation engineering be careful not to burn yourself, the hole punched out is relatively inaccurate, but it saves costs.

   2. Electric drill drilling method

        The front-end steps of this type of punching method are similar to the wire heating method. After marking the punching position of the PVC water supply pipe, use the drill bit of the electric drill to turn the mark to start drilling. If the PVC water supply pipe is relatively large in diameter, use a small drill first. Drill a small hole and then use a large drill to drill the hole. The hole produced by this method is more beautiful and accurate, and the cost is average.

  3. Laser drilling method

   This is an expensive drilling method, both in accuracy and aesthetics are top-notch, mainly used for large metal pipes and large PVC pipes.

Laser drilling


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