How to maintain PVC pipe fittings?

How to maintain PVC pipe fittings?

     The scope of application of PVC pipe fittings is very wide. No matter how the best water pipes, no matter how the best installation technology, without good maintenance, the service life of PVC can be greatly discounted. To extend the perfusion service life, you need to learn its maintenance methods.

          1. Prevent the blockage of PVC pipe fittings

   It is common for drain pipes to be clogged, but one of the reasons for the clogging is foreign matter stuck to a part of the water pipe. Blocked water pipes will not only bring problems to our lives, but the local pressure of the water pipes is too large, which will affect the life of the water pipes. In order to avoid clogging, we can add a branch to the drain to prevent large foreign objects from entering the water pipe.

   2. Prevent pressure on PVC pipe fittings

   The hardness of PVC continues to increase, but the external pressure is too large, and water leakage may occur. When installing water pipes, if you install water pipes on the top of the room as much as possible, you can not only prevent the water pipes from rupturing and leaking due to heavy pressure but also avoid the huge cost of slapping the ground to repair the water pipes after the water leaks.

  3. PVC pipe fittings sunscreen to prevent breakage

   Long-term exposure will not only lead to PVC aging and performance degradation but also because sunlight penetrates the pipe wall to provide conditions for a large number of microorganisms to multiply, resulting in moss on the water pipe, which affects the use. In cold weather, the plastic will become brittle, and once the pipe freezes, the water pipe will break.

   To prevent long-term exposure of PVC or excessive cold, do not lay exposed water pipes, or put insulation materials in exposed places, and drain the water in the water pipes at night in winter.

   Treatment measures after the burst of PVC pipe fittings?

1. The amount of water leakage after a water pipe burst is generally directly related to the water pressure in the pipe. Regardless of whether the water is dripping or gushing out, what you should do at this time is to immediately close the valve of the water supply pipe and report to the local property department for repair.

  2, tie the damaged part of the water pipe with special tape for repairing the water pipe.

  3. In addition, it is also possible to repair the cracks in the water pipe with glass fiber tape or ring air resin adhesive.

  4. If the water pipe burst is serious, you can wrap the broken part of the water pipe with a towel, which can prevent the water from spraying around, or introduce the water into the placed bucket, so as not to cause huge waste. At the same time, the valve of the main water pipe in the household can be closed, and the tap water supply in the house can be completely intercepted.

   5. If the cause of the pipe burst is that the pipe is too old, you should find a plumber for inspection and repair in time.

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