How to make PVC bend pipe

PVC bend pipes are engraved into small PVC bend pipes and large PVC bend pipes.
Small PVC elbows are mostly used to protect wires and cables, so another name for PVC bend pipe is PVC wire bend pipe.


pvc wire bend pipe

pvc wire bend pipe

How to make a small PVC bend pipe?

We must first prepare the PVC pipes divided into sections (how to produce PVC pipes), and then put them on the PVC pipe bending machine, our machine is automatic, it is very convenient to bend them.

Our PVC threading bend pipe is made of high-quality pvc raw materials, which has the following advantages:

1. High compressive performance: The maximum pressure of PVC heavy-duty threading pipe is as high as 1250N, so it can be buried in concrete without being damaged by pressure.

2. Flame-retardant insulation: the pipe will self-extinguish within 30 seconds after leaving the flame; and the pipe can withstand AC2000V, 50Hz alternating current without being broken down, and the insulation resistance is more than 100MΩ.

3. Moisture-proof and corrosion-resistant: The joints of the pipes are bonded with PVC adhesives according to the regulations, which can be waterproof and penetrate into the pipes, with good moisture-proof effects, and will not be rusted by various acid, alkali and salt.

Where and how can PVC electrical conduit be used?

We are a professional manufacturer of PVC threading bend pipe, we can produce a variety of colors, a variety of standard PVC elbows. Such as American Standard, Australian Standard, GB, etc.

PVC wire bend pipe any color

PVC wire bend pipe any color

Large-scale PVC bend pipes are divided into PVC bend pipes and CPVC bend pipes.

Large-scale PVC bend pipes are generally used to transmit gas and so on.

CPVC bend pipes are generally used for the protection of high-voltage power lines.


CPVC bend pipes

CPVC bend pipes

CPVC bend pipe is to protect high-voltage power cables, and its other name is CPVC power bend pipe. Its inner and outer walls are smooth and flat, the color is orange-red, the color is bright and eye-catching (the color can be customized), it can be maintained in an environment above 93 ℃ without deformation, and has sufficient hardness. The product can withstand a high voltage of more than 30,000 volts, and the ring stiffness can reach 10KPA. The PVC bend pipe we produce has good low-temperature impact performance and can withstand 1kg heavy hammer and 2m high impact at a temperature of 0°C. And the flame retardancy and smoke density index are higher than those produced by other factories. Cpvc electric elbow is corrosion-resistant, anti-aging, and has a service life of over 50 years.

We can manufacture ordinary PVC bend pipe, PVC bell end bend pipe, PVC bell end power bend pipe



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