How to produce PE water supply pipe

How to produce PE water supply pipe

hdpe water supply pipe

hdpe water supply pipe

 The main production process of PE water supply pipe production starts with the thickness of the raw material, the color masterbatch is stirred and dried, and the raw material is plasticized and formed into a viscous fluid. After passing through multiple processes at an appropriate temperature, the tubular embryo is obtained and then cooled, After cutting, the required product PE pipe is obtained, and the qualified products after the final measurement and testing can be packaged and shipped.

 Attention should be paid to drying, plasticizing, moulding, cooling and cutting in the production line of pe water supply pipes.

         1. Mixing and drying

  The function of mixing and drying is to stir, dry and mix the PE resin and the color masterbatch to obtain a uniform raw material.

  2, plasticizing extrusion

         The raw material enters the extruder from the hopper, and under the action of conveying, compression, melting, and homogenization, the solid particles gradually change to a highly elastic state, and then gradually change from a high elastic state to a viscous fluid (viscous fluid state), and continue Squeeze out.

   3. Mold forming

  At a suitable temperature, the material extruded from the extruder passes through the filter plate from a rotary motion to a linear motion and enters the mold. After spiral splitting, it is fused and compacted into a tubular parison in the forming section, and finally extruded from the die.

  4, cooling and shaping

  The hot tube billet extruded from the die is shaped and cooled by the sizing sleeve vacuum sizing box under negative pressure, and then passes through the spray cooling box to gradually cool the inside of the pipe, thereby solidifying and setting the shape as a whole.

   5. Cutting

  Cutting, by cutting into a certain length of pipe, so that the PE pipe is completed, the next step is inspection and packaging



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