how to remove pvc fitting

how to remove pvc fitting

PVC is plastic materials commonly used in plumbing. The pipe is strong and does not wear or leave an aftertaste like other traditional metal pipes. PVC pipes are connected at joints or fittings. These fittings may have many joints on one fitting.

There are two ways to connect PVC pipe fittings, one is to connect with glue, the other is to connect with thread.

The PVC pipe is glued into the joint to create a permanent hold. This “glue” is not a traditional glue as it actually creates a chemical bond with the inserted pipe. Removing a pipe from a fitting can be difficult. The easiest way to accomplish removing PVC from a fitting is having the right tools.

For example:

As a result of worker’s mistake, a down pipe of toilet and 90 degree elbow with cleanout are glued together. Now I don’t know how to separate the two pvc pipe fittings. I don’t know if I can reuse them after separation?

Glue-connection pvc-elbow


Remove the PVC pipes and fittings bonded with glue

1.  direct sawing.

This method will certainly damage one of the pvc fittings. After cutting through the 90 degree elbow with cleanout opening and digging out the bonding pipe in the 90 degree elbow with cleanout opening, the 90 degree elbow with cleanout pipe is no different from the previous one. Of course, it can be reused, but it is hard to say whether the other downpipe can continue to be used.

Direct-sawing pvc pipe and fitting

2. use the physical characteristics of thermal expansion and cold contraction.

Glue will become less sticky when it is hot, so you can use boiling water to heat the joint of two pvc pipe fittings for a few minutes, and then pull out the two pvc pipe fittings connected when they are hot. This method consumes a lot of hot water, but it will not damage the two pvc pipe fittings, and will not affect the later secondary utilization.


3.Use the blower. However, the heating of the blower is usually only partial, so the effect may not be so good as that of hot water. This method is also for reference only.


4.This is a professional method, which is to use PVC glue brush on the inner wall of the pvc fitting, ignite the fire for about 10 seconds, and then use a screwdriver to quickly pry out the inner wall, so that the two pvc pipe fittings can be separated, and the pvc fitting can also be reused.


5.Use tools. First prepare the tools: a hammer, a small slotted screwdriver and a pair of pointed nose pliers. It is easy to damage the pipe fittings by using a slotted screwdriver at the connection of the pipe fittings and beating the screwdriver with a hammer, which can not meet the requirements of secondary utilization at all.


Remove the PVC pipes and fittings bonded with thread

This method is compared with the method of removing PVC pipe fittings connected by this method. Use tools to unscrew the two pipe fittings. Pay attention not to use the strength, do not damage the thread, and avoid affecting the secondary use.


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