How to test the pressure of PVC pipe

How to test the pressure of PVC pipe

After the PVC water supply pipe is produced, it needs to test the pressure to reach the standard before it can be regarded as a qualified product, so that it can be installed and used on the PVC water supply pipe. The hydraulic strength test pressure of PVC pipe fittings should be 1.5 times the working pressure of the piping system, but not less than 0.60MPa, and before the hydraulic test, safe and effective fixation and protection measures must be taken for the pressure test pipeline. So how do PVC water pipes need to test pressure?

Precautions for pressure test of PVC water supply pipe

1. The pipes and fittings should avoid contact with diluents, solvent-based adhesives, organic solvents, lubricants, bleaches, and other chemical agents.

2. When the PVC pipe is under pressure, it is strictly forbidden to repair the defects and tighten the bolts, and do not knock the pipe wall and joints during the inspection.

3. The pressure pump is installed at the low end of the PVC water supply pipe, and each valve can be opened and closed flexibly with good tightness.

4. Insulation measures should be taken during winter suppression.

5. After the suppression is qualified, there should be a reasonable drainage route.

Precautions for pressure test of PVC water supply pipe

Steps for the hydrostatic test of PVC pipe fittings

1. Seal the end of the pressure test pipeline, slowly inject water, and at the same time remove the gas in the pipeline;

2. Check the water-tightness after being filled with water;

3. The system should be changed to ramp up slowly, pay attention to the ramp-up time not less than 10 minutes;

4. After the pressure is increased to the specified test pressure, stop the pressure, stabilize the pressure for 1 hour, and observe whether there is water leakage in the joint part;

5. Make up the pressure again to the specified test pressure value to eliminate the interference of the pipeline volume expansion on the pressure test result after the pipeline is under pressure due to the installation of water.

Steps for the hydrostatic test of PVC pipe fittings

Complete the above pressure test steps, and pay attention to the five key points during the pressure test, to ensure that the pressure test is carried out smoothly, and can only be installed and used after reaching the qualified standards. I hope that these can help major users to use pipes safely and smoothly. If you want to know more about PVC water supply pipes knowledge, please pay attention to our PVC pipe and fitting knowledge.



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