Main properties of IPS pipe fitting in industry

Main properties of IPS pipe fitting in industry


As a new type of pipe, homopolymer IPS pipe has obvious performance characteristics. The energy consumption and thermal conductivity of IPS pipe are low. Application in hot water system will greatly reduce heat loss. In the production process of IPS pipe fittings, there are defective products, which can be used again after being broken, which improves the utilization rate of raw materials, reduces the production cost and improves the economic efficiency. Because of its corrosion-resistant, non scaling, sanitary and non-toxic, the use of homopolymer IPS pipe fittings can avoid the use of galvanized. Because the components of IPS pipe fittings are simple and the basic components are carbon and hydrogen, they meet the requirements of food hygiene and are non-toxic, so they are more suitable for drinking water transportation.


In addition, homopolymer IPS pipe fittings have heat resistance and long service life. The long-term service temperature of homopolymer IPS pipe fitting is 90 ℃ and the short-term service temperature is 120 ℃. It can be used continuously for more than 50 years at 700 ℃.

Homopolymer IPS pipe fittings not only have the above advantages, but also have the characteristics of light weight and high strength. The pipe density of homopolymer IPS  pipe fittings is only 1 / 8 of that of metal pipes, with good toughness and stamping resistance. Because the inner wall is smooth, rust free and scale free, the fluid resistance is small.

Therefore, IPS pipe and fitting is widely used.

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