Problems in IPS(PPH) pipeline installation

Problems in PPH(IPS) pipeline installation

As there is no national code for design and construction acceptance of IPS(PPH) pipes and fittings, problems are easy to occur in use. According to the experience in construction supervision, the following problems should be paid attention to in construction supervision of IPS(PPH) pipes and fittings:

1. Selection of IPS(PPH) pipes and fittings: IPS(PPH) pipes and fittings (homopolymer polypropylene pipes), whose raw materials are β modified, have uniform and fine beta crystal structure, have high chemical stability and high temperature resistance, and are widely used in steel plants (acid pickling, acid regeneration, acid mist), flue gas desulfurization, process cooling water and corrosion-resistant medium transportation in chemical industry.

2. Supervision of the construction process: as IPS(PPH) pipes and fittings are still in the promotion stage, the construction personnel do not grasp the construction process in place, and the new type of pipe requires high technical level of the construction personnel, making the construction difficult. Therefore, the pre job training for construction personnel is particularly important. The supervisor shall pay special attention to the pipeline connection in the field inspection. The place where IPS(PPH) pipeline is most likely to leak and burst is the pipeline connection. The main connection methods of IPS(PPH) pipe and fittings are hot-melt connection and flange connection. The precautions are as follows: the special fusion tools provided by the manufacturer shall be used. Before connection, the pipe interface position and pipe fittings shall be cleaned to ensure that they are clean, dry and oil-free, and the pipes and pipe fittings shall be marked. The fusion temperature shall be checked regularly to ensure that they are at the correct value. During fusion, the pipe fittings and pipes shall be prevented from sliding outwards and shall not rotate after heating, Strictly observe the holding time and cooling time. IPS(PPH) pipeline pressure test shall be conducted in strict accordance with the specification requirements, only in this way can the normal and reliable operation of the system be ensured.

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