Problems to be paid attention to during PVC pipe construction and maintenance

Problems to be paid attention to during PVC pipe construction and maintenance

In recent years, PVC pipe materials are very popular in the decoration industry, and they are widely used. Different materials have different specifications and models, and PVC pipes are no exception. What are the problems that should be paid attention to in PVC pipe construction and maintenance?

1. When using solvent bonding for small diameter pipes, the spigot must be rounded to form a bevel, and the fracture must be a flat and vertical axis so that it can be bonded firmly and avoid water leakage.

2. Generally, PVC pipes with a diameter greater than or equal to 100 mm use rubber ring joints. Before installation, personnel must be arranged to chamfer the pipe socket, and the quality of the rubber ring must be checked. The sockets, rubber rings, etc. must be wiped clean during installation.

3. The trench excavation of traditional pipeline installation only requires that the pipeline can be put into the trench and can be sealed. When the original soil layer is not loosened, the cushion layer can not be pressurized and compacted.

4. General PVC pipe branch pipes can be split with a tee or vertical stopcock. During construction, a saddle-shaped fitting and half a two-in-one can be added and clamped with a U-shaped bolt to thicken the pipe wall, and then directly drill holes on it, and then use an externally threaded plastic part to connect it out. The test shows that the pressure test acceptance after construction with this method can fully meet the requirements of the specification. In addition, thrust piers should be set at the positions where the water flow in the pipe generates thrust, such as elbows, tees, and pipe end sealing plates to withstand the thrust of the water flow.

5. As a new type of non-metallic pipe, PVC pipe can not detect its specific location with existing metal pipe detection equipment. However, this problem can be easily solved if a wire is buried on the pipe during the pipeline burying facility.

Through the above introduction, do you know more about the construction and maintenance of PVC pipes? Hope to bring some help to your life


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