Product Tag - Cpvc fire sprinkler fitting coupling



    Cpvc fire sprinkler fitting Coupling is small fitting used to join two pieces of CPVC fire sprinkler pipe to continue a straight line. Cpvc fire sprinkler fitting Coupling can also join a fitting to a pipe in certain configurations.Cpvc fire sprinkler fitting Coupling has excellent impact resistance, high temperature resistance, flame retardancy and smoke-free property. It does not need to use welding torch or complex hot-melt technology when connecting fire control system subsystems and components.increased hanger spacing in comparison to other plastics,is assembled with readily available, inexpensive tools.

    How is the cpvc fire sprinkler system joined together? Joints are made using a simple cold solvent welding process. It requires no special tools other than a wheel cutter (or saw and mitre box), a beveller and a de-burring tool. A strap wrench is also useful for making threaded connections. All tools are inexpensive and will fit into a toolbox.
    cpvc fire sprinkler system shortens installation time and improves safety. Compared with metal fire sprinkler system, it has lower material cost and lower total installation cost due to its lightweight structure.
    cpvc fire sprinkler system is suitable for a wide variety of applications, including hotels, shops, schools, libraries, residential care homes, houses and flats, hospitals, offices, historic buildings and museums, as well as in offshore accommodation modules.