Product Tag - Ppr fitting end cap



    Ppr fitting end cap is designed to fit on the end of your pipe and cannot be used to cap off fittings. It can close the outlet or temporarily close the outlet. When we install the tap, we take it off.

    Ppr fitting end cap has good hot-melting performance. PPR pipe and PPR pipe fittings of the same material are connected into a whole through hot-melt connection, and water will never leak. The inner and outer walls of Ppr fitting end cap is smooth, the fluid resistance is small, the weight is light, and the transportation and installation are convenient. Low temperature and high pressure resistance, low temperature – 10 degrees Celsius. Apart from a few oxidizers, PPR fittings can resist multiple chemical media erosion, no corrosion, no bacteria, and avoid blockage after scaling. PPR pipeline system can be used for a long time at 70 C and 1.0 Mpa working pressure. Its service life can reach 50 years.

    Ppr pipe and fitting the field of application of the production:
    Pipeline system of residential hot or cold water,Transportation and discharge of water for industrial use or chemical species, Pipeline system of pure water or drinking water,Procreative and conveying system of soft drink and mediation,Pipeline system for pressure air,Heating systems in buildings, including floors,panels and radiation heating systems,Other pipeline system for industry agriculture