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Disposable Face Mask


Product Disposable Surgical 3 Ply Medical Face Mask for Coronavirus
Material Outer layer: PP Non-woven 25-35gsm
Filter layer: Melt-blown Filter Material 25-30gsm
Inner layer: PP Non-woven 20-25gsm
Size 17.5*9.5cm
Color Blue
Certificate CE, ISO, FDA
Standard 1, BFE≥99%;
2, PFE≥99%;
3. Polypropylene inner and outer facing assures comfortable on the inside and protection on the outside;
4, Conform with GB2626 2006;
MOQ 10000 PCS

Quality control & technical tests

Disposable Face Mask is made of more than three layers of 28g non-woven fabric; the nose is made of environmental friendly plastic strip, free of any metal, with ventilation, comfortable, especially suitable for electronic factories and daily life. Disposable masks (medical surgical masks) can prevent respiratory tract infection to a certain extent, and can not prevent haze. When purchasing, we should choose the mask with the words “medical surgical mask” on the outer package

The disposable three-layer mask is made of two layers of non-woven fabric and filter paper; the disposable three-layer mask is made of two layers of fiber non-woven fabric, which is used for medical and health care. In the middle, more than 99% of the filter and spray cloth with filtration and bacteria prevention are welded by ultrasonic wave. The nose is made of environmental friendly plastic strip, free of any metal, equipped with air permeability, comfortable. Filtering effect b.f.e up to 99% It is especially suitable for electronic factories. The disposable active carbon mask is made of 28g non-woven fabric on the surface and 99% bacteria proof filter paper on the first layer in the middle, which plays a role in preventing bacteria and preventing virus damage. The second layer in the middle is made of active carbon fiber and active carbon cloth, which are made of new high-efficiency adsorption and filter materials, with the functions of anti-virus, anti odor, bacteria filtering and dust prevention;

The disposable mask is made of environmental protection full plastic nose bridge clip, which can make the most comfortable adjustment according to different face types. The inner covering ultrasonic spot welding is selected, and the ear belt can be firm and not easy to fall.

Disposable masks can be used in electronic manufacturing, dust-free workshop, catering service, food processing, school, motorcycle riding, spray processing, stamping hardware, electroplating, chemical industry, steel, welding, health center, Methods of use for various purposes such as handicraft industry, hospital, cosmetology, pharmacy, factory, environmental cleaning and public occasions: Hang elastic ear hook on both ears, match with full nose type, fix with light pressure fixing piece, make mask fit face. Main technical indicators: carbon tetrachloride adsorption rate: > 70% benzene adsorption rate: ≥ 15% resistance: 80% area weight: 35-45g / m2. Remarks: 1. Size: 9cmx17.5 2. Product.

Edit usage conditions

There are various kinds of disposable dust masks, which must be selected according to different operation requirements and working conditions.

Firstly, it should be selected according to the concentration and toxicity of dust. According to the selection, use and maintenance of respiratory protective equipment (GB / t18664), as a half mask, all dust masks are suitable for the environment where the concentration of harmful substances does not exceed 10 times of the occupational exposure limit, otherwise, a full mask or respirator with higher protection level should be used.

If the particles are highly toxic, carcinogenic and radioactive, the filter material with the highest filtration efficiency shall be selected.

If the particles are oily, be sure to select the appropriate filter material.

If the particles are needle like fibers, such as slag cotton, asbestos, glass fiber, etc., due to the dust mask can not be washed by water, the mask with micro fibers on the sealing part of the face is easy to cause facial irritation, and is not suitable for use.

For high temperature and humidity environment, the respirator with exhalation valve will be more comfortable. The respirator with ozone removal can be used for welding to provide additional protection. However, if the ozone concentration is higher than 10 times of the occupational health standard, the mask can be replaced with dust and poison combination filter elements. For the environment with no particles but only some peculiar smell, the dust mask with active carbon layer is much lighter than that with gas mask, such as some laboratory environment, but the national standard does not regulate the technical performance of this kind of mask.

Edit using method

1、 Wash your hands before wearing a mask.

2. With both hands holding the ear rope, put the dark side out (blue) and the light side in (suede white).

3. Put one side of the mask with wire (a small piece of hard wire) on the nose, pinch the wire according to the shape of your nose, and then pull down the mask completely, so that the mask completely covers your mouth and nose.

4. Disposable masks are usually replaced every 8 hours, and can not be reused.

Notes edit

1. Please use disposable mask within the validity period.

2. It can only be used once and destroyed after use.

3. It is forbidden to use if the package is damaged.

4. Pay attention to the production date.

Storage condition edit

Disposable masks shall be stored in a room with relative humidity no more than 80%, no corrosive gas and good ventilation to avoid high temperature.

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