PVC garden hose

PVC garden hoses are also called PVC water pipes, garden water pipes, etc.

PVC garden hose SIZE

PVC garden hose SIZE

PVC garden hose type

PVC garden hose type

Inner layer: soft PVC, black or other colors.

Reinforcement layer: It is reinforced by high-strength synthetic fiber winding.

Outer layer: soft PVC, transparent green or orange, blue, etc.

Use pvc material or high resilient hybrid rubber and pvc material

Ideal necessity for various garden hose irrigation,vehicle washing and daily washing

It looks more beautiful by adding symbol lines one the surface

Light weight,soft,elastic and easy for moving

Anti UV,abrasion resistant,resistant all kinds of weather.

Use temperature:-5℃~65℃

Performance characteristics: green, soft, bright, with good weather resistance, ozone resistance, ultraviolet resistance, and other properties.

Precautions when inspecting PVC garden hose:

Before using the PVC garden hose, please confirm whether there are any abnormalities in the appearance of the PVC garden hose (extra injury, hardening, softening, discoloration, etc.). During the normal use of PVC garden hose, please be sure to implement regular inspections once a month. The service life of PVC garden hose is largely affected by fluid characteristics, temperature, flow rate, and force. If abnormal signs are found in pre-operation inspections and regular inspections, please stop using them immediately and repair or replace them with a new PVC garden hose.

Precautions when storing PVC garden hose:

After using the PVC garden hose, please remove the residue inside the PVC garden hose. Please keep it indoors or in a dark and ventilated place. Do not store the PVC garden hose when the pipe is bent.

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