The best choice for hotels is CPVC fire sprinkler pipe fittings

The best choice for hotels is CPVC fire sprinkler pipe fittings 

More and more CPVC fire sprinkler pipe fittings are being used in hotels CPVC fire sprinkler systems all over the world,Let’s see why!

I. pain points of fire pipe in hotel industry

Fire safety is one of the most important work in hotel operation. The important guarantee facility of hotel safety operation is the safe and reliable automatic fire sprinkler system. At present, many countries mainly use galvanized steel pipe as the transmission and distribution pipe in the fire sprinkler system, but due to the corrosion of steel pipe, low flame resistance and other characteristics, it often leads to the failure of the sprinkler system and hotel management problems.

First of all, the leakage caused by steel pipe corrosion will directly affect the hotel room rental rate, customer satisfaction will be affected, which is not conducive to the operation of the hotel. Secondly, the internal part of galvanized steel pipe thread connection is easy to rust and scale, which brings the hidden danger of nozzle blockage, and the hotel operation will have fire safety risk.


In recent years, the price of galvanized steel pipe is rising, and the cost of new hotel materials is rising. Moreover, the later maintenance of galvanized steel pipe is also time-consuming and laborious. The later maintenance of steel pipe is frequent and requires electric tools, which will generate noise and pollute the environment, affect the normal operation of the hotel, reduce customer satisfaction and bring customer complaints.

But the most important thing is that the fire events caused by the failure of the sprinkler system occur repeatedly, even bring the painful lessons of blood, which endangers the personal safety of customers.


II. The gospel of fire spray in the industry of xingyin PVC-C fire pipe Hotel

Shijiazhuang xingyin import and export trade Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and supplier of CPVC fire sprinkler systems in China. Our CPVC fire sprinkler pipes and fittings have good quality and long service life. Our products sell well all over the world. We use the best raw materials in the world. We have advanced technology and equipment in the world.


III. advantages and benefits of choosing CPVC spray fire pipe in the hotel

1. Shorter construction period

Compared with galvanized steel pipe, the simple installation of PVC-C fire pipes and pipe fittings can save two thirds of the construction period and provide the owner with earlier opening time. Taking the fire protection installation of 50000 square hotel as an example, the construction period of galvanized steel pipe is 3 months, while that of PVC-C pipe is only 1 month, 2 months in advance.


2. Low maintenance cost

CPVC fire sprinkler pipes and fittings are corrosion-resistant, chemical resistant, non scaling, reliable connection, maintenance free within 50 years of service life, saving a lot of maintenance costs, and CPVC fire sprinkler systems improving the profitability of the hotel.


3. Excellent construction environment

CPVC fire sprinkler pipes and fittings are easy to construct, no noise, no air pollution, no hot work operation, reduce the fire risk, do not affect other people, and ensure the safety and quality of the construction process.


4. Flexible decoration design

CPVC fire sprinkler pipes and fittings are bright (Orange), which can be used with the interior decoration of the building to match the presentation of different themes of the hotel, which is more beautiful than the traditional steel pipes and improves the beautification degree of the hotel.

IV. star silver PVC-C

Xingyin is committed to the whole industrial chain of CPVC to create a competitive advantage in product management. The existing CPVC resin and mixed ingredients production and service experience is extended to the field of products to provide customers with the best service. In the field of CPVC fire sprinkler pipe and fitting, xingyin adopts the most advanced technology at home and abroad, striving to create the best quality.CPVC  Fire safety system is more and more used in our life.

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