The best IPS(PPH) threaded pipe fitting manufacturer and supplier

The best IPS(PPH) threaded pipe fitting manufacturer and supplier

Shijiazhuang xingyin import and export trade Co., Ltd. is the best professional IPS thread fitting manufacturer,IPS thread fitting supplier in China.

Let me introduce what is IPS threaded pipe fitting


IPS(PPH) threaded pipe fitting (homogenous polypropylene pipe) is made of beta modification of ordinary PP material, giving it a uniform and fine Beta crystal structure. It has excellent chemical corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, good insulation and high temperature resistance. The working temperature can reach 100 degrees centigrade, non-toxic and light in weight. It is suitable for transportation and installation. It is a superior quality product with high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and anti-aging than PP tube. IPS is a kind of homopolymer polypropylene with high molecular weight and low melting rate. PP pipe fittings have fine crystal structure after β modification, which makes it have excellent impact strength even at low temperature, increases hydrostatic strength and improves chemical resistance. According to the characteristics of IPS materials, IPS threaded pipe fittings and pipes are widely used as corrosion-resistant equipment in the fields of home, hot and cold water, government infrastructure, chemical industry, metallurgy and electronics. It is not only economical and durable, reduces equipment maintenance, but also extends service life, with superior performance.


IPS(PPH) pipe fittings standard

1. Glass fiber modified polypropylene material treated by coupling agent is selected for production, cold and hot water pipeline system for general use, and transportation of corrosive liquid.

2. IPS pipe and fitting products are mainly suitable for domestic cold and hot water pipe system, government infrastructure pipe system, IPS(PPH) pipe and fitting can also be used in chemical industry, environmental protection, power plant, food processing and other fields.

Characteristics of IPS(PPH) pipe fittings

1. Hygienic and non-toxic: This product is a green building material, which is used for drinking water pipeline system.

2. Low temperature resistance: the low temperature embrittlement temperature of polypropylene is (- 70 ℃). Under general conditions, no special protection measures are necessary for construction, and it is convenient for construction in winter. Good impact resistance, no embrittlement.

3. Corrosion resistance and non scaling: PE molecule has no polarity and good chemical stability. Except for a few strong oxidants, most chemical media do not damage it. The circulation area will not decrease with the increase of operation time.

4. Stress resistance: IPS threaded fittings have low notch sensitivity, high shear strength, excellent scratch resistance and outstanding environmental stress cracking resistance.

5. Wear resistance: the wear resistance of IPS threaded fittings is 4 times that of steel pipes.

6. Flexibility: the flexibility of IPS threaded fitting makes it easy to bend. In engineering, it can bypass the obstacles by changing the pipeline direction.

7. Flow resistance: IPS threaded fittings have smooth inner surface, and the flow resistance is small, which can pass a larger flow than other pipes of the same caliber.

The best PPH threaded fittings is very important for connection effect, only the good PPH threaded plumbing fittings for hot water can make water not leak.

Shijiazhuang xingyin import and export trade Co., Ltd. is the best professional IPS thread fitting manufacturers ,IPS thread fitting supplier in China.

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