The difference between PVC water supply pipe and PVC chemical pipe

Because PVC pipe has many advantages, it is widely used. The common characteristics of PVC chemical pipeline and PVC water supply pipeline are lightweight, good quality, convenient operation, corrosion resistance, good chemical resistance, long service life, smooth inner wall, low fluid resistance, high mechanical strength, good insulation, and sanitary materials, No pollution to water quality, good water tightness, convenient construction, and low maintenance cost.
 Although they are produced with PVC as the main raw material, their requirements are different due to different uses. Now compare the differences between the two.

1. Appearance: It is difficult to distinguish the appearance of PVC water supply pipes and PVC chemical pipes. The main water supply pipes and chemical pipes produced by the company can be distinguished by color and identification. From the color point of view, the color of PVC water supply pipeline is light gray, and the color of PVC chemical pipeline is dark gray.

  2. Service life: According to national standards, with water as the medium, the service life of PVC pipes for water supply can reach 50 years, and the service life will be reduced correspondingly according to changes in pressure and temperature. For PVC chemical pipelines, due to different media and pressure and temperature changes, the corrosion degree of the pipeline is different. The life of the chemical pipe depends on the actual usage.

  3. Connection mode: The connection mode of the water supply pipeline is mainly elastic sealing ring connection and glue connection. The elastic sealing ring should be made of a rubber elastic sealing ring that meets the requirements. This connection not only has good sealing performance but also meets hygiene requirements. The connection methods of chemical pipelines mainly include bonding and welding. The adhesive used in adhesive bonding cannot react with the transported chemical liquid. Chemical pipe joints are strictly required to be sealed because if chemical leakage occurs, it will not only cause accidents but also pollute the environment. In fact, the wall of the water supply pipe is printed with drinking water, and the wall of the chemical pipe is printed with industrial use.


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