The heavier the PPR fitting, the better?

The heavier the PPR fitting, the better?


In engineering and home decoration, is the quality of PPR pipe fitting as heavy as possible? We all know that the price of pipe is much cheaper than that of pipe fittings, so how to choose the most cost-effective PPR pipe fittings? Now PPR tube manufacturers will answer for you one by one.

PPR pipe fittings mainly include ppr fitting elbows,ppr fitting coupling,ppr fitting cross,ppr fitting clamps, ppr fitting bend over, ppr fitting flange etc.ppr fitting elbows change the direction of pipes,ppr fitting couplings are used for the connection of PPR pipes and metal pipes, ppr fitting tees and ppr fitting cross pipes change the direction of fluid, ppr fitting end cap and screw plugs are used for the sealing of reserved pipes, high and low clamps are used for fixing pipes, etc., each pipe fitting has different functions.

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Pipe fittings can be divided into full plastic pipe fittings and copper embedded pipe fittings by their production materials. The quality of all plastic pipe fittings of the same brand is closely related to the PPR pipe. Polypropylene raw materials are used with a density of 0.89g/cm3-0.91g/cm3. Similarly, the price of pipe fittings depends on the manufacturer’s production materials and pricing.

The other is the embedded pipe fittings. In addition to the local propylene raw materials, the most important is the label and quality of the embedded copper. The PPR pipe fittings are made of 58a copper, which is the best copper for the inner and outer wires of the PPR pipe fittings. The chromium plating process not only improves the pressure resistance of the PPR pipe fittings, but also avoids rust, eliminates copper damage, and is very sanitary and healthy. Some PPR manufacturers, in order to seek benefits, infiltrate impurities into copper materials and produce inferior products. It can be concluded that the quality of heavy PPR pipe fittings is generally better. However, this is not absolute. The specification of PPR pipe produced by Yajie pipe industry has strict process standards. It is abnormal that the PPR pipe fittings produced according to the standards are too light or too heavy.

Conclusion: the quality of PPR pipe is almost the same as that of pipe. After knowing the raw materials of pipe fittings, observe the texture of inlaid copper, whether the texture is rough and the thread is neat. After comprehensive consideration, choose the appropriate price. I believe that after careful understanding, you will not suffer losses after purchase.

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