The use of PE pipe

The use of PE pipe

1. Urban water supply. Due to the comprehensive disadvantages of safety, sanitation, and convenient construction, PE pipes have now become the best choice for urban water supply pipelines.

  2. Natural gas, gas transportation. Due to the strong connection, good volatility, easy construction, and good corrosiveness of PE pipes, it becomes an ideal pipe for medium and high-pressure natural gas transportation.

  3. PE pipe food and chemical industry. Because of its good and common anti-corrosion function, PE pipes can be used to transport or discharge various acid and salt salts, extend the life of the pipe, reduce costs, and have low maintenance costs.

   4. Mineral sand and mud transportation. PE pipe not only has corrosion resistance but also has common wear resistance, which is 4 times that of steel pipes. It can be widely used in the fields of conveying ore, fly ash for power plants, and mud for river dredging.

   5. PE pipes replace cement pipes, cast iron pipes, and steel pipes. Regarding the city’s original laying of existing cement pipes, cast iron pipes, etc. to stop the old pipe reorganization, large-scale excavation can be stopped, and PE pipes with a smaller diameter can be used to indirectly pull out the old pipes to stop the replacement. The project cost is low, and the construction time is Short, so that the cost is reduced, so it is particularly suitable for pipeline reorganization and transformation in urban areas.

   6. Garden irrigation pipes. Every garden has a lot of green belts. Because PE pipes are economical and inexpensive, most of the irrigation pipes in these green belts are PE pipes.

  7. PE pipe municipal non-excavation project. Due to the development of science and technology and the influence of some factors such as the living environment, in the construction and establishment of cities, non-excavation technology used to be common in all aspects of construction and establishment of every construction site. The PE pipe has good toughness and high price, making it a rare plastic pipe in non-excavation construction. In the current construction and establishment, PE pipes will lose better and more general use.

   8. Pipes for sewage disposal. With the rapid economic development, more and more sewage is discharged from major industrial factories. Among plastic pipes, PE pipes have a large flow rate, and they are clearly superior to other plastic pipes at pipe joints and corners. In today’s society In many of the local sewage treatment plants, PE pipes are used to dispose of sewage.

  9. PE pipe power company transmission line. Electricity is an indispensable part of our lives, and it also has certain risks. Therefore, when choosing power transmission lines, we must think about safety. Because PE pipes have very good insulation and good pressure resistance ability and tension Lift was once commonly used in the establishment of transmission lines.


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