What are the production processes of PPR pipes?

What are the production processes of PPR pipes?

The main production material of PPR pipe factory is tripropylene. PPR pipe is also called random copolymerized polypropylene pipe. Today I will introduce its production process.

The first is bulk. The biggest difference between it and other processes is that the liquid propylene it uses, after a series of treatment, finally forms the polypropylene it needs. The second is the gas phase, which is different from other processes in that the gas-phase propylene is directly reacted with the gas-phase propylene and the solid catalyst in the production. Although the two methods will be different, they are all about the production of polypropylene, because this is the most important material for PPR pipes.

The price of PPR pipe is relatively moderate, and its performance is stable, heat-resistant and heat preservation, corrosion-resistant, the inner wall is smooth without scaling, and the pipeline system is safe and reliable.

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