Construction inspection of IPS(PPH) pipe and fittings welding

What inspection shall be carried out for the welding of IPS(PPH) pipe and fitting

IPS(PPH) pipe and fittings hot melt socket welding construction inspection mainly for the appearance inspection, including the following:

1. Whether the socket and socket are aligned;

2. Whether the extruded molten material between socket and socket is consistent on the whole outer circumference;

3. Peel off the contact surface and observe whether there are impurities, shrinkage holes, cracks or other injuries in the welding area;

4. Observe whether there are tube wall collapse, excessive flanging or improper shape caused by excessive welding temperature and welding pressure.

IPS(PPH) tube hot melt saddle welding construction inspection

The construction inspection of hot melt saddle welding is mainly for appearance inspection, including the following contents:

1. After welding the hot-melt saddle-shaped IPS(PPH) fittings with the IPS(PPH) pipe, the flanges shall be smooth and symmetrical along the entire outer circumference, with uniform, full and round dimensions. Flanges shall not have incisions or notched defects, shall not have obvious spongy scum, no obvious pores;

2. The hot-melt saddle-shaped IPS(PPH) pipe fitting shall be perpendicular to the axial direction of the IPS(PPH) pipe;

3. There shall be scratch marks around the welding of saddle IPS(PPH) pipe fittings.

Construction inspection of IPS(PPH) pipes and fittings welding

The construction inspection of electric welding is mainly for appearance inspection. Including the following:

1. Electric melting IPS(PPH) pipe fittings shall be intact without deformation or discolor;

2. Solute with protruding observation holes should not be in the shape of flowing and should not change color; There shall be no molten material on the welding surface;

3. The socket of welding IPS(PPH) pipe fittings shall be coaxial to the welded pipe;

4. After welding of IPS(PPH) pipe fittings. Check IPS(PPH) tube circumference for scratch marks. There shall be marked marks for insertion and marked marks for scraping off the oxide skin.

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