What is a Drip irrigation pipe?

What is a Drip irrigation pipe?

Drip irrigation pipe is an important irrigator in the drip irrigation system. According to the water demand of crops, through the low-pressure pipe system and the irrigator installed on the capillary, the water and the nutrients needed by crops are dropped into the soil of crop root area evenly and slowly.



1. It is divided into:

Pressure compensated and non pressure compensated drip irrigation pipes

2. It can be divided into:

Built in drip pipe and inter pipe drip pipe

Advantages of drip irrigation pipe

Saving water, fertilizer and labor

Drip irrigation pipe belongs to the whole pipeline water delivery and local micro irrigation, which reduces the water leakage and loss to the minimum. At the same time, due to the timely supply of water for crop roots, there is no loss of peripheral water, and the utilization efficiency of water is greatly improved. Irrigation can be combined with fertilization conveniently, that is to say, after the chemical fertilizer is dissolved, it is poured into the irrigation system. Because the chemical fertilizer is combined with irrigation water, the fertilizer nutrients are directly and evenly applied to the root layer of the crop, truly realizing the synchronization of water and fertilizer, greatly improving the effective utilization rate of fertilizer. At the same time, due to the small-scale local control, micro irrigation and less water and fertilizer leakage, the application amount of chemical fertilizer can be saved. The application of irrigation and fertilization technology can provide convenience for crops to supplement expensive microelements in time and avoid waste. The drip irrigation system is only controlled by manual or automatic valve, combined with fertilization, so it can obviously save labor input, reduce production cost, improve resource utilization rate, and ensure full coverage irrigation.

Control temperature and humidity

In the traditional furrow irrigation greenhouse, the amount of irrigation is large at a time, and the ground surface is kept wet for a long time. Not only the temperature of the greenhouse and the ground decreases too fast, but also rises slowly, and the evaporation is increased, and the indoor humidity is too high, which is easy to cause diseases and pests of vegetables or flowers. Because drip irrigation belongs to local micro irrigation, most of the soil surface remains dry, and the drip head supplies water to the root soil layer evenly and slowly, which has obvious effects on the maintenance and recovery of ground temperature, reduction of water evaporation, and reduction of indoor humidity. Using drip irrigation under the film, that is, the drip irrigation pipe (belt) is arranged under the film, the effect is better. In addition, drip irrigation is easy to operate, high-frequency irrigation can be carried out, and the outflow hole is very small, the flow velocity is slow, each irrigation time is relatively long, and the change range of soil moisture is small, so the soil in the root zone can be controlled to keep the humidity close to the most suitable for the growth of vegetables, flowers and other plants for a long time. Because the indoor air humidity and soil humidity are controlled, the occurrence of diseases and insect pests can be reduced obviously, and then the amount of pesticide can be reduced.

Maintaining soil structure

Under the effect of large amount of irrigation in traditional furrow and border irrigation, the facility soil is subject to more erosion, compaction and erosion. If the soil is not timely cultivated and loosened, it will lead to serious hardening, decreased air permeability, and certain degree of damage to the soil structure. Drip irrigation is a kind of micro irrigation, which can keep the soil structure and form a suitable environment of water, fertilizer and heat.

Improve quality, increase production and increase efficiency

The application of drip irrigation can reduce the application of water, fertilizer, pesticide and the occurrence of diseases and insect pests, which can significantly improve the quality of products. In a word, compared with the traditional irrigation method, drip irrigation in greenhouse or greenhouse can greatly improve the output of products, early time to market, and reduce the cost input of water, fertilizer, pesticide and labor, so the economic and social benefits are significant. The drip irrigation technology of protected horticulture adapts to the requirements of modern agriculture with high yield, high efficiency and high quality, which is also the fundamental reason why it can exist and be widely used.


Applicable conditions:

1. It is applicable to field crops, orchards and trees greening in areas with water resources and labor shortage.

2. It is widely used in greenhouse, greenhouse, open planting and greening projects.

Matters needing attention

1, the pipes and drippers of drip irrigation pipes are easy to be blocked, which requires high water quality, so filters must be installed;

2, the drip irrigation pipe can not adjust the field microclimate, is not suitable for the freezing period irrigation, and can not use the drip irrigation system to apply manure in the vegetable irrigation.

3, the investment of drip irrigation pipe is high, and the economic benefits of crops should be considered;

4. pay attention to compact and compact the plastic film when laying the drip irrigation belt, so that the plastic film is close to the drip irrigation belt as much as possible, and there is no space between the plastic film and the drip irrigation belt.

Avoid focusing sunlight through water droplets. Before sowing, the land should be leveled to reduce the phenomenon of many pits and depressions. Prevent the soil debris weeds from holding up the mulch, causing water vapor to accumulate under the mulch to form lens effect and burn the drip irrigation belt. During laying, the drip irrigation belt can be buried to avoid the focus burn.

technical parameter

Performance and technical parameters of drip irrigation pipe:

1. It adopts built-in labyrinth throttling type and built-in labyrinth compensation type dripper. When the water flows through, it is in turbulent state, with strong self-cleaning performance and anti blocking ability, and the filtering level is relaxed to 80 mesh;

2. “Constant pressure flow path” compensator makes the uniformity of water output ≥ 95%;

3. the use of new materials, high strength, corrosion resistance, anti-aging;

4.1.5 L / H ~ 10 L / h eight kinds of flow can be selected according to different needs;

5.0.3mm-2mm pipe wall thickness can meet the needs of different irrigation environment.

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For more information about drip irrigation pipe, please see:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drip_irrigation



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