What is PPR antibacterial pipe?

What is PPR antibacterial pipe?

PPR antibacterial pipe can keep the growth and reproduction of some microorganisms (bacteria) in the pipe below the necessary safety level in a certain period of time.

PPR Antibacterial PIPE

PPR antibacterial pipe is an upgrade of PPR standard tube.

Application field of PPR antibacterial tube

1. Direct drinking water system pipe network of high-grade residential quarter.

2. Transportation system of beverage, purified water and mineral water.

3. Pipeline transportation system of hospitals, schools and waterworks.

4. Drinking water system of villas, hotels and residences.

5. Pipeline transportation system of food, medicine and processing plant.

6. High standard water quality pipeline transportation system.

Antibacterial concept

Different from the traditional concepts of sterilization and sterilization, sterilization is to kill all microorganisms, while antibacterial only reduces the number of microorganisms and maintains them at a safe level for a long time. From the perspective of ecological balance, it also conforms to the principle of coexistence of human beings and microorganisms, which is beneficial to human health.

Antibacterial mechanism

When the PPR antibacterial pipe is wet, the antibacterial layer on the inner wall of the pipe will slowly release a small amount of silver ions. On the one hand, due to the negative charge on the surface of bacteria, the positively charged silver ions will be adsorbed on the surface of bacteria, and then the electrolyte balance will be destroyed, resulting in the death of bacteria due to cell damage; on the other hand, because the silver ions enter into the interior of bacteria and react with the cell enzymes of bacteria, the activity of bacteria and the reproduction and regeneration of bacteria are inhibited, so as to achieve the effect of sterilization 。

main features

1. Strong antibacterial, antibacterial, lasting effect, self-cleaning in the tube.

2. It is non-toxic, heat-resistant, pressure resistant, corrosion-resistant, non scaling, non leakage and long service life.

3. Heat preservation, energy conservation, health and environmental protection, large flow, low noise, light weight and convenient installation.

Antibacterial effect

The results showed that the antibacterial rate of PPR antibacterial tube to Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus was 93.66% and 91.73% respectively in 20 minutes, and reached the level of foreign products after 24 hours.

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