What is PVC BSP Threaded Pipe Fittings?

What is PVC BSP Threaded Pipe Fittings?

PVC BSP threaded pipe fitting is a common  Plastic Fittings.


Let me introduce it:

The full name of BSP thread is British standard pipe thread, which refers to British standard pipe thread and belongs to the category of Wyeth thread (BS 84).PVC BSP threaded pipe fitting can be divided into two types according to its shape: BSPP (British standard pipe parallel) threaded pipe fitting and BSPT (British standard pipe taper) threaded pipe fitting. BSP thread is a kind of Wyeth thread, so the tooth angle is 55 °.

The BSPT male thread pipe fittings are connected with the BSPT non adjustable female thread pipe fittings, and the thread surfaces are in contact with each other and sealed.

It is recommended to use thread sealant to connect the male thread of BSPT with the female thread of BSPT.

Measure the outer diameter and inner diameter of BSPT male thread at the first full thread near the end of the joint.

BSPT male thread and BSPP male thread with 30 ° cone (60 ° included angle) are sealed with BSPP female thread rotary joint with 30 ° cone and BSPP male thread rotary joint with O-ring.

BSPP O-ring male connector has straight thread and O-ring with metal locating ring. It is sealed to the outer face of the BSPP female port. BSPP male thread (chamfered for sealing with fixed combined gasket) is also sealed with the male plane of BSPP internal thread port.

The regular surface shall be machined with a screw hole plane to ensure effective sealing. Elbows and tees have lock nuts to position the joint in the desired direction.

BSPP male thread and BSPP female thread plane rotary joint need to add a suitable cushion ring between the end face and the seal. For low pressure.


For BSP threads, refer to the wiki:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/British_Standard_Pipe

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