what is pvc end cap

what is pvc end cap?

pvc end cap put in pipe

Pvc pipe end caps are made of polyvinyl chloride resin, stabilizers, lubricants, etc., and then extruded by hot pressing. It is the first plastic material to be developed and applied. PVC pipe has strong corrosion resistance, easy bonding, low price, and hard texture. However, due to the seepage of PVC monomer and additives, it is only suitable for water supply systems whose conveying temperature does not exceed 45°C.


The pvc pipe end cap is installed at both ends of the pvc pipe to seal the pipe fittings at the end of the pipe. Pvc pipe caps are divided into insert type and thread type.


pvc Pipe end cap

pvc Pipe end cap

We are a professional PVC pipe cap manufacturer. We can produce American standard pvc pipe caps, din pvc pipe caps, and international standard pvc pipe caps,PVC BSP THREADABLE FITTING END CAP . Our products are produced with high-quality raw materials. The inner wall of the product is polished to prevent clogging and prevent water leakage. Unobstructed drainage. Easy installation and long service life.

We can also make pvc fittings and ppr fittings for you according to your drawings or requirements. We can engrave your logo on ppr pipe fittings.

Pay attention to when purchasing pvc pipe caps: (1) First look at the surface finish and whiteness. (2) Take the sample and drop it. The ones that are easy to break are usually high-calcium products. Of course, it should meet your requirements if the price is right. (3) Take the sample and step on the pipe with your foot to see if it can crack, or elongate at the break after cracking.




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