What is the difference between PVC water supply pipe and PVC drainage pipe

PVC pipe are generally divided into PVC water supply pipe and PVC drainage pipe. It has strong acid and alkali resistance, flame resistance and aging resistance. It is widely used in various decoration projects and is a popular decoration material. So what is the difference between PVC water supply pipe and PVC drainage pipe? Let me introduce the difference between them.

  The difference between PVC water supply pipe and PVC drainage pipe

1. Different uses:

       PVC water supply pipes are mainly used for: a. Indoor water supply systems for civil and industrial buildings; b. Buried water supply systems for residential quarters and factories; c. Urban water supply piping systems and so on.

        PVC drainage pipes are mainly used for: construction drainage and domestic sewage drainage.

2. Different specifications:

There are many specifications and models of PVC-U water supply pipes in order to meet the requirements of various projects;

          PVC-U drainage pipes have relatively few specifications and models, because the drainage system itself does not require too many specifications.

pvc pipe

3. Different pressures:

 Water supply pipes have requirements for pressure. The nominal pressure of water supply pipes is specified as: 0.6Mpa, 0.8Mpa, 1.0Mpa, 1.25Mpa, 1.6Mpa, etc. 5 types.

   Drain pipes usually do not need to consider pressure.

4. Different environmental standards:

The water supply pipe needs to be tested for environmental protection before it can be used.it need health indicators, non-toxic, non-pollution and other testing indicators

   On the contrary, the drainage pipe does not have high requirements for environmental protection;

pvc pipe environmental protection

5. Different quality

   PVC water supply pipes require stricter quality and specifications compared to drain pipes. They need to pass a pressure test to ensure that the water pipes will not leak.

 6. Production standards

PVC water supply pipe and fitting Standard number: GB/T10002.1-1996

    PVC drainage pipe and fitting Standard number: GB/T5836.1-2006

       We also have other standards, American standard, German standard, Japanese standard, British standard pvc pipe.

  American standard pvc water supply pipe and fitting:PVC PIPE SCH40 (ASTM D2466),PVC PIPE SCH80 (ASTM D2467 / D2464)

          British standard pvc pipe and fitting :PVC THREAD PIPE AND FITTING (BS THREADED) 

         American Standard PVC Drainage Pipe and fitting:PVC DWV PIPE AND FITTING System (ASTM D2665) 

7. Different glue

PVC-U water pipe glue moisture is water supply pipe glue and drainage pipe glue

  ① Water supply glue can be used for drain pipes, but not vice versa.

  ② The bonding strength of PVC water supply pipe glue is higher than that of drain pipes, and the composition is non-toxic; while the strength of drain pipe glue is lower, and its pressure resistance is also worse, and it may be mixed with toxic ingredients.

   Therefore, if the water supply pipe is connected to the drain pipe, it can only be used in the drainage system, and it is prohibited to be used in the water supply system.

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