What is the uPVC hydroponic pipe

What is the uPVC hydroponic pipe?

Upvc hydroponic pipes can be divided into Upvc perforated square pipes and Upvc perforated round pipes.

Upvc perforated pipe

Upvc perforated pipe

Upvc perforated square pipe

We are a professional manufacturer of Upvc water piping, we researched and invented the

openable UPVC perforated square pipe

openable UPVC perforated square pipe

openable UPVC perforated square pipe

Many vegetable manufacturers are using UPVC pipes for the production of hydroponic vegetables.

PVC-U hydroponic pipe products can be accepted by the majority of users because of the following advantages:

1. Excellent corrosion resistance and chemical resistance: PVC-U hydroponic tube has excellent acid resistance, alkali resistance, and corrosion resistance. It is very suitable for growing vegetables.

2. Low fluid resistance: The wall of the PVC-U pipe is very smooth, and the fluid resistance is small. Under the same caliber, the flow rate of PVC-U pipe is larger than other pipes, and it does not adhere to scale. It will reduce green during hydroponic production. The formation of algae makes hydroponic cultivation easier.

3. Does not affect water quality: The results of the dissolution experiment proved that the PVC-U pipe does not affect the water quality and is suitable for growing hydroponic vegetables.

4. Good water tightness: PVC-U pipe joints, regardless of the use of looper sockets or TS socket joints, have good water tightness. Although the water supply pipeline has had water pressure over the years, there will be no water leakage.

We provide all the products of UPVC hydroponic pipe racks, including UPVC water piping and accessories.

Our UPVC water piping rack adopts a unique water supply structure so that the oxygen content in the nutrient solution is higher, and the plants grow better! The flow of nutrient solution can be adjusted, which is safer and more convenient.

Use hard pipes for water supply to reduce the probability of green algae produced by hose water supply. The nutrient solution is supplied by the sleeve tube, and the water tank cover can be easily opened and supplemented with the nutrient solution. The valve can adjust the water flow, and the pipe clamp and the metal bracket are fixed with screws, which are more firm. The opening is smooth, without burrs, and does not hurt your hands. It can also be used as a child’s science teaching material. It is easy to operate, easy to observe, convenient for children to participate, and improves children’s observation and hands-on skills!

UPVC water piping rack

We are a professional manufacturer and wholesaler of PVC water piping, and our products are exported to various countries all over the world.

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