What should be paid attention to during the installation of drip irrigation pipe?

What should be paid attention to during the installation of drip irrigation pipe?

drip irrigation pipe another name is Garden Hose pipe.

Drip irrigation pipe is an important irrigator in the drip irrigation system. According to the water demand of crops, through the low-pressure pipe system and the irrigator installed on the capillary, the water and the nutrients needed by crops are dropped into the soil of crop root area evenly and slowly. The following is the summary of water-saving irrigation equipment, which needs attention during the installation of drip irrigation pipe:

(1) Water source of drip irrigation pipe: the water source must be kept clean. Integrated design of water and fertilizer. Spring water, river water and pond water shall be used as much as possible if the water source of the pool is built at the top of the mountain. Otherwise, it’s easy to block the dripper, which is very troublesome to repair. In addition, the pool shall be covered to prevent ultraviolet radiation and sundries from entering. The inlet pipe of drip irrigation shall be wrapped with screen for coarse filtration.

(2) In the process of applying fertilizer by drip irrigation, we should try our best to use soluble fertilizer. If we have to use the fertilizer with poor solubility, it can only be used after it is dissolved and filtered in a separate container. Water fertilizer integrated design project

(3) Daily maintenance and use of drip irrigation pipe: due to the high precision requirements of drip irrigation on water quality, it is necessary to clean the pool and filter frequently. The filter must be cleaned once for each irrigation. Only in this way can the service life be extended.

(4) Drip pipe construction: careful construction to prevent soil from falling into the pipeline. After the completion of construction, open the valve at the end of the pipeline to wash the sundries in the pipeline, and then test the water for irrigation. Water fertilizer integration project

I believe that many agricultural friends are familiar with drip irrigation belt, which is suitable for fruit trees, vegetables and cash crops. Drip irrigation belt is also a kind of irrigation method, and it is easy to use and operate. It also has the advantages of water saving, fertilizer saving and soil structure maintaining. This is also the reason why modern agriculture is vigorously promoted. But if there is a short circuit in the use of drip irrigation belt, how to deal with it?

Drip belt equipment is composed of many parts, so in our daily use, if there will be a short circuit phenomenon after a long time, then how to deal with it? The following small part of drip equipment will be specifically analyzed.

When the number of turns of the short-circuit point of the drip irrigation belt winding exceeds 1 / 12, it is necessary to remove and rewind all of them.

The short circuit is in the trunking of drip irrigation belt equipment. After softening it, find out the short-circuit point for repair, put it into the trunking again, and then paint it for drying.

The short circuit point can be separated by insulating material at the end, or the insulated wire can be re wrapped, and then painted and re dried.

For each phase winding with less than 1 / 12 turn of short line, when the number of turns in series is less than 1 / 12, all short lines shall be cut off, and the conducting part shall be connected to form a closed circuit for emergency use.

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