What should be paid attention to when making PVC pipe fittings?

1. Temperature control of PVC pipe fittings

PVC pipe fitting temperature control is an important control factor in extrusion operation. The control factors of extrusion molding are barrel temperature, diameter temperature and die temperature. Low temperature, poor plasticization, dull appearance of PVC pipe fittings, poor mechanical properties, poor product quality, high temperature, material decomposition, product discoloration.

2. Screw speed of PVC pipe fittings

With the increase of screw speed and extrusion amount, the output can increase, but it is easy to produce the phenomenon of poor plasticization, which leads to the rough inner wall of PVC pipe fitting and the decrease of strength. At this time, the die pressure should be adjusted to obtain good output and quality. The temperature control of screw affects the conveying speed, plasticizing and melting quality of materials.

3. Traction speed of PVC pipe fittings

In the re extrusion operation, it is very important to adjust the traction speed. After extrusion, melting and plasticization, the material is continuously extruded from the mold, and then pulled into the setting device, cooling device, traction device, etc.

4. Compressed air and pressure

The compressed air of PVC pipe fitting can make PVC pipe fitting expand and keep the roundness of pipe to a certain extent. The pressure should be appropriate. If the pressure is too low, the pipe is not round, if the pressure is too high, the mandrel is cooled, the inner wall of the pipe is cracked and not smooth, and the quality of the pipe is reduced. At the same time, the pressure should be stable, for example, the pressure fluctuation is large, and the pipe is easy to produce slub.

5. Temperature of sizing device and cooling device for PVC pipe fittings

Different plastic products are extruded by different sizing methods and cooling methods. The cooling medium can be air, water or other liquid, and the temperature needs to be controlled, which is mainly related to the production efficiency and the internal stress of the product.

The above five points are about the matters needing attention in the production process of PVC pipe fittings. I hope the content of this article can arouse everyone’s attention.

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