Where and how can PVC electrical conduit be used?

Where and how can PVC electrical conduit be used?

PVC threading pipe is one kind of PVC color electrical pipe and fittings,it has many colors.

The threading pipe is called “insulated electrical sleeve for construction”. Popularly speaking, it is a kind of white rigid PVC pipe, which is used for anti-corrosion, anti-leakage and wire-piercing. It is divided into plastic threading pipe, stainless steel threading pipe and carbon steel threading pipe.


It is used in normal indoor environment and places with high temperature, dusty, vibration and fire danger. It can also be used in wet places. It is not allowed to be used in particularly damp places with acid, alkali, salt corrosion and explosion danger. The ambient temperature is – 15 ~40 ~C. The threading pipe has excellent mechanical properties. Excellent corrosion resistance, high compressive strength and working pressure of threading pipe exceed 2.5 Mpa. The surface of the threading pipe is smooth, the fluid resistance is small, it is not scaling and it is not suitable to breed microorganisms. The coefficient of thermal expansion is small and does not shrink and deform. Traditional installation and connection mode. The epoxy coating of threading pipeline can more effectively solve the corrosion of metal pipeline caused by water conveyance, burial, acid, alkali and salt, and its service life can be more than 50 years.

Installation Notes

Wire buried wall must be threaded pipe, the general choice of pvc electrical conduit / PE threaded pipe: affordable, flexible, good insulation performance. In fact, it is very good for families to choose PVC threaded pipe, but to choose strong ones, the simple way is to step on them with your feet, and it is good that they will not be crushed. Finally, let me remind you that no matter what kind of threading pipe is used, there is no connection in the pipe.

Circuit renovation should avoid dead line: no matter how good the quality of the circuit is, it is difficult to ensure that there will be faults in the future. It is necessary to replace the line. At this time, it is very important that the buried wall wires can be easily pulled out and replaced. Therefore, in the construction of electric reform, it is necessary to avoid causing “dead line” which can not be pulled in the future.



  1. Of course, the most important thing is to use buried threads.
  2. Circuit routing should grasp “the nearest distance between two terminals” and not winding without reason, which will not only cause dead lines, but also increase the input of electricity reform.
  3. Don’t wear too many threads in a threading pipe. After threading, it should be dragged to see if it can be easily dragged.
  4. It is necessary to leave a darkbox button panel at the joints of the lines. It is convenient to replace and maintain the joints in the future.
  5. The bend of pvc electrical conduitwhose diameter is less than 25 should not be made with elbow. The dead corner at right angle often results in dead line.

Layout of threading pipes

After grooving the wall and ground with toothless saw, lay down the threading pipe with diameter not less than 16mm flame retardant pipe and “86” box, and then carry out threading in the line pipe (when wiring, the color difference between phase line and zero line should be separated, the color of phase line (L) in the same house should be unified, the color of zero line (W) should be blue, and the protection line (PE) should be yellow-green double-color line).

Secondly, when burying power line pipes, it should be considered to keep a distance of more than 500 millimeters with weak current pipes, and the parallel distance between power line pipes, hot water pipes and gas pipes is not less than 300 millimeters. It is forbidden to construct with strong and weak current pipes and to interfere with weak current signals.

Thirdly, the technology of U-winding six-circle semi-national standard is used to connect the wires with the inside of the box, so as to avoid the “fire” caused by the incompact connection of the wires. Tin-hanging treatment should be done at the junction of the wire in the lower box 5 to prevent short circuit caused by wire oxidation. The water-proof tape and high-voltage insulating tape should be wound in the threading pipe. After crossing the line, insulating tape and waterproof tape should be used to double insulate the connection of power supply conductor.

For the power line walking on the top, it must pass through the pipeline, and the wooden keel of the ceiling should be treated with fire prevention and insect prevention, so as to avoid trouble to the owners in the future. First of all, copper wire should be used when choosing electric wire instead of aluminium wire. Because of the poor conductivity of aluminium wire, it is easy to heat and even cause fire in the process of electrification. Then, insulated threading pipes must be used for wiring.


If the wire is hidden directly in the wall, it means that there is a hidden time in the house. It may leak electricity at any time, and there will be a dangerous situation. Of course, different lines must not follow the same line, such as TV antenna, telephone line and so on.

Connections should not be too many. If wiring is necessary, insulation and moisture proof should be done well. If conditions permit, tin rinse can also be used. At the end of the  , the owner must ask for the circuit diagram, which will help to prevent the hidden trouble of the circuit system. In addition, upgrade and renovation in the future can be used.

Wire buried wall must be threaded pipe, generally choose two kinds of metal threading pipe and pvc electrical conduit: metal threading pipe is more expensive, but anti-interference performance is stronger than pvc electrical conduit, not afraid of fire, the future protection of the wire will be stronger than pvc electrical conduit (for example, using pvc electrical conduit may be inadvertently pierced when nails are nailed to the wall in the future) 。 PVC threading pipes are affordable, easy to turn than metal pipes, and have good insulation performance. Just to choose strong, the simple way of threading pipeline is to step on it with your foot. It’s good that it won’t be crushed.

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