Why do PVC pipe fittings appear whitening?

Why do PVC pipe fittings appear whitening?

PVC pipe fittings are very common pipes in home decoration. When decorating our houses, water supply pipes and drain pipes are undoubtedly very important to us. However, PVC pipe fittings will show a certain degree of whitening after being exposed or bent and stretched. what is the problem?

The staff of PVC pipe fittings briefly introduces here:

1. Water immersion whitening: When exposed to water or steam for a long time, many types of transparent PVC products show a whitish foggy appearance. Soft products are more fierce than hard products. In this case, even if the permeated water disappears, the stabilizer cannot restore its original shape. As long as the temperature rises, the compatibility of the stabilizer can be restored to transparency.

2. Exposure whitening: When exposed outdoors, PVC pipe fittings will also show a whitening effect. Organotin stabilizers are not easy to whiten, and sulfur-containing organotin is the best, followed by laureate and maleate. Adding light stabilizers, phosphites, liquid composite stabilizers, etc. can avoid or reduce the whitening phenomenon of PVC due to whitening to a certain extent.

3. Stress whitening: Stress whitening means that under the action of mechanical external forces (such as bending and stretching), certain parts of PVC pipes and pipes (such as bending creases and stretched parts) will become white. This may be due to external forces, the orientation of polymer molecular chains, changes in PVC density and the existence of vacancies between certain molecules. This constitutes light scattering and makes PVC pipes and pipes look white.

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