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Founded in 1996,Shijiazhuang Xing Yin import and export trading Co.,Ltd is one of the largest plumbing factory in China,We are a professional supplier and manufacturer and exporter of PVC fitting, CPVC fitting, PPH fitting, PPR fitting, pvc valves,pvc rain gutter etc.Currently we mainly supply ANSI standard ,NBR standard, BS standard ,DIN standard and so on.

As a manufacturer and exporter, we provide the best products with our rich experience for customers.

We offer Contractor, OEM, Export, job specific and DIY discounts every day in Schedule 40 PVC fitting, Schedule 80 PVC fitting, CPVC fitting, ppr fitting,pph fitting(ips fitting).we can supply and manufacture any color.We believe  our customer service along with product knowledge is what sets us apart from anyone else in the industry and pride ourselves in developing valuable business relationships.

Registered funds (10,000)
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Professional Experiences
Trust in our experience.We supply many standards professional products for more than 90 countries in the world.
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Complete Product
Trust in our authority.We have all kinds of Plastic fitting.We can meet the needs of people all over the world.
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Effective Solutions
Trust in our solutions. We have professional R&D team, QA&QC team. We can supply hights quality OEM products.
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Production Capacity
Trust in our production capacity. We have more than 40 extruding machines,300 injetion machines.Those figures still increase each year.
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